Flooding left 4 puppies buried in the ground, mother dogs barked around the rubble calling for villagers to come to help

Women are always assumed to be the weaker sex, but a mother’s strength is always extraordinarily strong. 

In the village that had just experienced a flood, most of the houses collapsed. Unfortunately, 4 puppies were buried in the ground for 7 days, but because the villagers evacuated, few people paid attention

It wasn’t until the villagers returned to the village that they saw the mother dog barking loudly, running around the collapsed house, trying to get their attention.

His eyes were urgent, even whimpering, screaming. Right in the ruins was the garage of her elderly home, which had long been used only to store knick-knacks. I wonder why dogs stand guard like that?

Suspicious people dug up the sandy soil where the dogs lay. Actually found a white puppy buried under it. More astonishingly, the dog was still alive, the cry resounding

You know, a whole week has passed since the flood, being buried underground and still alive is a miracle

Everyone kept digging around and successfully rescued 1 more puppy

At this time, the villagers knew that the white dog was the mother, it persistently guarded here to find a way to save her child

Because there is still much work to be done to overcome the consequences of floods, people temporarily moved the mother and child to a safer place.

The next morning, what surprised everyone was that the two kids looked extremely white and lively

Because the villagers needed to rebuild their homes, animal protection organization staff drove to pick them up the next day

Unexpectedly, the car had not gone far before the engine broke down and could not start. The staff got out of the car and let the puppies stop on the side of the road, accidentally near the wreckage from the previous day. For some reason, the mother dog suddenly became agitated, struggled to escape the leash, and barked loudly

Realizing that something was wrong, they carefully searched and vaguely heard the barking of a dog. Trying to dig deeper discovered another puppy.

Once the puppy got out, he immediately used all his strength to crawl towards his mother. The mother dog hastily licked and comforted the puppy, this reunion scene makes everyone touched

Worried about which dog was left on the ground, the staff began to search again and found another puppy stuck

Now the mother dog family is finally reunited. When she saw that the children were back with her, the mother dog stopped barking and quietly took care of the cubs

It sounds unbelievable that dogs can survive after being buried for nearly a week. But dynamic experts say that could still happen

On the one hand, the rubble is not deep, mainly wooden boards and branches, and it is quite wet, so the force is not strong, the dog is still replenished with water in time.

More importantly, for puppies aged 1-2 months there is a special type of hemoglobin in the body, which can maintain basic respiratory function even when oxygen levels are low

The mother dog and 4 puppies were taken to the animal rescue center. After learning this miraculous story, countless residents wanted to adopt

The mother dog and her cubs were adopted one after another, and the new owners loved and cared for them very carefully

Natural disasters can destroy everything, but mother’s love cannot! Both humans and animals have love, and just love will definitely make you happy forever!

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