How my mom fattened 1 “feral cat” baby

The funny story of my family, the story is that one evening in the garden appeared a golden cat. And from here my mother’s cat care began:

Although I have insisted that this is the cat of the house at the head of the neighborhood, not the “feral cat”.
But with a sad look in her eyes, her hungry appearance made my mother flinch. There are bags of food of domestic cats brought to the garden to invite this little golden cat

So every night, every noon, every morning, this little cat also comes over to my garden, calls out “poor” and waits for her mother to pay tribute.

It’s really speechless. Looking at his increasingly fat appearance, he was definitely well taken care of by his owner, and was also taken care of by my mother for 3 meals.

After a while, it seems that the cat has difficulty walking, jumping the wall is also slow because it is too heavy. I told him to lose weight and he was scolded by his mother “fat is not fat, you are fat”

It’s been like that for a whole month now, but this “wild cat” just comes by to eat and then turns around and walks away. Even though my mother used all sorts of tricks to invite her to stay home, the cat still didn’t care much

Now, your 3-round body is the result of my mother. If the cat’s owner’s family is actively trying to lose weight for the cat and knew that my mother was like this, would there be a conflict?

I don’t know how to advise my mother, but even when a cat sees food, she looks so happy that she doesn’t know where to stop…

Anyone have a good way show me. Do all parents treat dogs and cats like my mother???

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