Keanu Reeves and surprising revelations about the private life of the mysterious Hollywood star

Unlike books about characters’ lives, Keanu Reeve’s Life Matrix does not simply recount memorable milestones in Keanu’s life, but through it decipher one of the most mysterious stars in the Hollywood world.

The new work The Matrix of Keanu Reeves’ life (published by First News Tri Viet and Dan Tri Publishing House) not only paints an overall picture of the life of actor Keanu, but author Marc Shapiro also traces the events. in a life of ups and downs, to discover the unique things about this man of few words.

In particular, the book was released at the right time for the blockbuster film The Matrix: Resurrection ( original title The Matrix: Resurrection ) starring Keanu Reeves to premiere in the world at the end of December 2021.

His parents divorced when he was young, Keanu grew up in an incomplete family.

He always walked alone through all the pain

Matrix of Keanu Reeves’ life does not use beautiful words to sculpt statues, nor does it simply recount memorable milestones and events in Keanu’s life according to the flow of time, but the author uses those facts to help people. Read and decode one of the most mysterious Rubik’s Cubes in the Hollywood world.

His parents divorced when he was young, Keanu grew up in an incomplete family. When he grew up and began to achieve the first marks in his acting career, he faced the passing of his only close friend and spiritual support.

When he met the true love of his life not long ago, the darkness once again surrounded Keanu’s life by the death of his girlfriend and unborn child. All of those misfortunes can make any of us cower, even collapse. But not Keanu. He walked alone through all the pain, choosing to give everything away, only taking for himself a simple life.

He once gave a check for $20,000 to a staff member in charge of setting up scenes when he learned of their plight, regularly contributing to charities such as Stand Up To Cancer, Sick Kids Children’s Hospital in New York. Toronto, PETA, or the SCORE group specializes in the care and treatment of hockey players with spinal cord injuries.

The book was released just in time for the world premiere of the blockbuster movie The Matrix : Resurrection ( original title The Matrix: Resurrection ) starring Keanu Reeves.


Keanu Reeves’ life matrix is ​​the result that author Marc Shapiro obtained after a long period of researching a huge amount of material with a pure journalistic spirit about Keanu.

The book will not only help readers better visualize the actor’s journey to achieving great achievements in art , but also better understand the tragedies in the life of this solitary man. .

“ Most people know me, but they don’t know my story ”, we know a lot about the lonely assassin John Wick in the movie of the same name, the sad guy Matt in River’s Edge , or the hero Neo in blockbuster movie series The Matrix , but few people fully understand the life of the actor who played a series of famous roles – Keanu Reeves.

Life is very simple, very different from movies

With The Matrix of Keanu Reeves’ Life , readers will surely find their own answers to all their concerns about this mysterious man. As for Marc Shapiro, after a whole research journey, he believes that every decision Keanu makes are challenges the actor sets for his career.

So even though it’s something that no other star would dare to do, he is not afraid to take the plunge, such as directly confronting two major film studios, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros.

The Keanu Reeves life matrix is ​​a gift for movie followers , especially those who have been watching the John Wick assassin or Neo hero for many years, to understand more about a big personality, a series. the ups and downs of amateurs who always avoid the spotlight to live life like many other ordinary people.

The life matrix Keanu Reeves is a gift for moviegoers, especially those who have been watching the assassin John Wick for years.

And finally, with The Matrix of Keanu Reeves’ life , readers will see Keanu’s very own qualities that continue to challenge Hollywood stereotypes.

Although many people speculate about his huge wealth, through this book, we will see a very simple, very ordinary Keanu who often reads books out loud to passengers on the subway with him.

listen, quietly eat a sandwich on a park bench, or sit and chat and listen to the lives of homeless people.

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