Kim Kardashian carries “the most expensive brand bag in the world” to meet Neymar, Ronaldo

Billionaire businesswoman Kim Kardashian uses “the most expensive handbag in the world” to watch a football match.

She has just had the opportunity to directly meet intimately with Neymar and Ronaldo.

On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian was at Yanmar Field Nagai Stadium in Osaka, Japan, to watch a friendly match between Al-Nassr and Paris Saint-Germain with her son Saint (3) When going to watch this friendly match, Kim dressed relatively casually, she kept herself healthy and sexy.

However, to prove the class of a famous female billionaire in American showbiz, Kim uses a Hermès Himalayan Birkin handbag.

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This line of handbags is considered the most expensive handbag in the world fashion because of the level of sophistication in its execution. The number of Hermès Himalaya Birkin bags is very limited, so the bags that appear on the market are often used bags and are bought and sold again and again as a valuable asset. The price of this bag line is up to several billion VND a piece.

The bag is made from the skin of the Nile crocodile, fitted with 450 tiny diamonds, using platinum to make decorative details… In the world, there are only about 50 of these bags currently in use. ownership of the rich, cult.

Famous women in the international showbiz world such as fashion designer Victoria Beckham, female singers Celine Dion, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey or reality TV star Kim Kardashian all have a Hermès Himalaya Birkin for themselves.

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Kim Kardashian has appeared with the Hermès Himalaya Birkin bag since 2014. Information about the “second-hand” Hermès Himalaya Birkin bags being sold on the market often hides the identity of the previous owner, as if it were the item. expensive that the rich and sophisticated enjoy passing on to each other to enjoy, surrounding this bag always seems mysterious and attractive.

The first Birkin handbag was launched by Hermès in 1984, after the company’s president at that time – Jean-Louis Dumas – had the opportunity to sit next to British actress Jane Birkin on a flight and listen to people. Beautiful complains about not being able to find a classy leather bag design to use when needing to carry a lot of things.

Immediately, Mr. Dumas sat on the plane sketching a large bag with useful compartments for convenient storage. At the bottom of the bag there are 4 nail caps attached to ensure the bag can “stand”. The bag’s handle can be carried in the hand or worn on the arm.

Various sizes and types of leather have been used by Hermès to produce the Birkin line, which has also become a “legend” in the field of designer handbags. The starting price for the simplest leather Birkin bag is about 10,000 USD (nearly 240 million VND).

The Hermès Himalaya Birkin line of super luxury bags began to be produced in 2008, inspired by the two-tone smoky gray and white of the snow-capped Himalayas.

Kim Kardashian xách túi hiệu đắt nhất thế giới đi gặp Neymar, Ronaldo - 3

The leather used to make the bag comes from Nile crocodiles raised on the farm. Platinum and diamonds are used to make decorative details for the bag. The Himalaya Birkin bag line was once limited in production and then discontinued. Often these bags are bought and resold discreetly. The number of Hermès Himalaya Birkin bags publicly resold on the auction market is not much.

Regarding billionaire Kim Kardashian, recently, she caused surprise when she often went to watch football. Before going to Japan to watch Al-Nassr and Paris Saint-Germain play a friendly match, Kim was surprised when he was in the stands at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, to watch Messi play. played his first match in the colors of the Inter Miami club.

She took her son Saint West (7 years old) to watch the Inter Miami match against Cruz Azul. After the match ended, Kim came out to greet former football player David Beckham and his wife and took souvenir photos together.

Kim Kardashian xách túi hiệu đắt nhất thế giới đi gặp Neymar, Ronaldo - 4

Sharing with the media, Kim said her son loves football very much and that he is the reason why she decided to go to the field to watch exciting football matches live: “When I was in school, I also used to Playing football as an extracurricular sports activity that I passionately pursued for 5-6 years. I usually hold the position of goalkeeper or center striker.

I have some knowledge about football and I’m not bad at playing football. I love football and I am very happy to see that my son loves football. That’s what my mother and I have in common, we can go watch football together and excitedly watch a match. My son’s idol is now number 10 of the Inter Miami club.”

This week, when she and her son were in Osaka, Japan, to watch the friendly match between Al-Nassr and Paris Saint-Germain, Kim had the opportunity to take a “selfie” with famous player Neymar. . Kim’s son also had the opportunity to meet directly and ask for autographs from famous players Neymar and Ronaldo.

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