Kim Kardashian’s sexy figure after giving birth

Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy weight loss journey

Kim Kardashian had a spectacular weight loss after giving birth to her 2nd baby, Saint West. During her pregnancy, Kim Kardashian gained up to 27 kilograms. However, just one day after the “crossing”, she lost almost 8 kg, and only a month later she lost 14 kg. Kim’s goal is to get back to her old weight and find her famous “hourglass” body.

The secret to rapid weight loss after giving birth of the “super round 3” girl is to follow a special diet combined with exercise.

As is known, nutrition accounts for up to 60-70 percent of slimming success. As a result, Kim Kardashian planned a postpartum diet months before giving birth. She follows the Atkins diet. Kim’s dietitian revealed that the Atkins diet helps Kim lose 1 kilogram per week without affecting breastfeeding.

Kim’s chubby figure during her second pregnancy

According to the Atkins regimen, Kim Kardashian still eats a lot of protein from chicken, fish and many other types of meat. She also eats more good starch (good carbs) to restore energy and have the strength to exercise. This diet also includes low-sugar fruits, foods containing healthy fats such as Greek yogurt, some cheeses, nuts and olive oil.

Kim also did the Atkins weight loss method during her previous birth, but this time she did the Atkins40. Detail:

With the Atkins 40 regimen, you can eat a variety of foods from all nutritional groups, from carbohydrates to protein and even fat. With this regimen, you still lose weight while still feeling delicious and most importantly, never hungry. Vegetables, pasta or even potatoes… can all be included in the diet.

This diet includes a total of 40 grams of carbohydrates per day. And that’s the only number you need to count as you go. For example, in 3 equally divided meals, each meal has 10 grams of carbohydrates, then 2 snacks have 5 grams of carbohydrates each. You need to measure and distribute these 40 grams of carbohydrates across meals throughout the day. The rest can eat protein and fat as desired. Eating carbs in control and limiting sugar in foods will help control blood sugar levels.

The current body of beauty Kardashian


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