Stray dog tries to appear on the live football game to find the owner

The Chilean Premier League football tournament was taking place in a very intense championship match when there was an “intrusion” of Toby the dog right on the field.

The match between Fernández Vial and Universidad de Concepción was underway when Toby the dog seemed to be trying to “appear on television”. Thanks to that, the lost dog found his owner

The missing dog finds its owner

Specifically in the 20th minute of the first half, on August 1, when Concepción took a 13-8 lead, there was immediately a “trespass” by a “player” who was not named in the playing lineup!

The missing dog finds its owner

A dog ran across the field and seemed to want to join the game. It bypassed even the players who were trying to stop it, and then ran freely through the Ester Roa stadium.

Not only that, but Toby also ran freely to the other side near the goal, deciding to leave a very “smelly” ‘gift’ to the goalkeeper :)))

The missing dog finds its owner

After participating in the match for 4 minutes, it had to “get a red card” and leave the field for the game to continue.

What people didn’t expect was the dog was lost, missing from the house 2 weeks ago. Mr. Matías Gayozo, from Penco, Chile – the owner has given up hope of seeing Toby again.

The Huellitas de Collao group, a site that specializes in finding local stray dogs, contacted Matías after seeing the soccer match!

chú chó mất tích tìm lại chủ nhân

Toby’s family lives about 19 km from Ester Roa stadium, so finding the owner is quite easy.

After meeting his “brother,” Matías gave an interview to the local media. “Toby loves to run, as you’ve seen on TV,” he said. But it suddenly disappeared, we tried but couldn’t find it.”
“Yesterday I watched the news on TV and recognized his tail. Toby made me laugh when he ran and avoided everyone’s efforts, just like he did when he was at home.”

“We are delighted to see Toby again and bring him back to Villa Montahue.

Our dog is home, warm, and doesn’t have to experience the cold on the street anymore,” Matías added.

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