Survey shows that Vin Diesel is the Hollywood star who destroys the most cars on the silver screen

Sticking with the Fast and Furious franchise from the first days, it’s no surprise that Vin Diesel becomes the god of cars every time he appears on the big screen.

Vin Diesel is one of the biggest stars in the action movie genre at the moment, and his name is also associated with the success of the Fast & Furious franchise. The most familiar “specialty” of this franchise is the thrilling racing and chasing scenes that are breathtaking, sometimes even unscientific and turn physics theories into jokes. That is what makes Diesel became the most “destructive” driver on the big screen when he destroyed dozens of cars in his movies.

Specifically, Scrap Car Comparison, a company specializing in researching and comparing the rate of scrap car buyers in the UK, conducted a survey to find out which Hollywood star has destroyed the most cars on the silver screen.

After many hours of “plowing” a large number of big and small blockbusters in the past, with the participation of a series of personnel to be able to watch all the huge amount of movies, they finally came up with an accurate Top 10 list. possible.

The cases recorded by them are also very diverse, including crashing cars, crushing cars or even blowing up cars. Of course, in reality, there are many scenes performed by stuntmen. currently, but all are still counted for Hollywood stars who are directly involved in the scenarios of those car destruction cases.

Survey shows that Vin Diesel is the Hollywood star who destroys the most cars on the silver screen - Photo 1.

The “Dominic” driver Vin Diesel is the number 1 monster of cars on the big screen.

Vin Diesel is the leader of this list with a total of 61 cars that have been “opened” at the hands of this actor with styles that cannot be more epic, a large part of which comes from Fast & Furious, the franchise that he has been with the role of Dominic Toretto for a long time in Fast Five (2011) alone, Diesel turned 30 cars into scrap metal on screen in the bold robbery scene unprecedented in Fast & history history. Furious, when he dragged a large safe on the highway.

If he were a little more gentle, Vin Diesel would lose this title to Bruce Willis, who ranked 2nd on the list of Scrap Car Comparison. Research shows that in a total of 17 movies, Willis destroyed 60 cars, which means that for every movie completed, about 3.5 cars have gone. From Hudson Hawk (1991) to RED (2013), Willis has to turn a few cars into dust almost every time.

The survey shows that Vin Diesel is the Hollywood star who destroys the most cars on the silver screen - Photo 2.

Bruce Willis also specializes in roles with a hobby of vandalizing cars on the silver screen.

The rest of the list also includes many very aggressive names, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, who comes in at 3rd place with 52 cars after 14 movies (13 of which belong to the movie Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines); Matt Damon with 35 cars; or Keanu Reeves with 30 after 6 movies.

It is noteworthy that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham, two stars who are familiar with the action film series and are no stranger to the Fast & Furious series, only stood “bottom of the table” with 18 cars destroyed.

It is not clear whether the Scrap Car Comparison study has any other meaning or applications other than the purpose of “for fun”. However, if any writer or director is cherishing sci-fi projects related to the rise of machines, especially cars, then the following actors will definitely be a great choice for you. main role.

List of Top 10 Hollywood actors who destroyed the most cars on the silver screen by Scrap Car Comparison as of the end of March 2021.

10. Jason Statham: 18 cars (driver: 6 cars)

10. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: 18 cars (drivers: 12 cars)

9. Tom Cruise: 19 cars (drivers: 12 cars)

8. Nicolas Cage: 22 cars (controller: 12 cars)

7. Daniel Craig: 24 cars (driver: 20 cars)

6. Tom Hardy: 29 cars (driver: 2 cars)

5. Keanu Reeves: 30 cars (driver: 21 cars)

4. Matt Damon: 35 cars (driver: 11 cars)

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger: 52 cars (controller: 30 cars)

2. Bruce Willis: 60 cars (driver: 35 cars)

1. Vin Diesel: 61 (drivers: 57 vehicles)

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