The car drove 248 miles with the dog trapped underneath, the ending shocked many

I don’t know if this is a story about a lucky or unlucky dog.

The story is that the dog was accidentally hit by a car and then stuck under the car. The incident took place earlier this year, until everyone heard the ending was even more surprising

Specifically, Mr. Zang, in Hunan was moving on the road at a fairly fast speed, so when the dog rushed across the street, he did not have time to react. Because I thought maybe the dog ran away because when I stopped the car, I didn’t see him


So he continued driving about 200 miles on the road when he heard barking from below. Really quite shocked and stunned to understand what happened, stopped the car to check

At this time, Mr. Zang noticed under the car when he found the dog stuck in the front of the car. I was confused because I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t have the tools to get the dog out

After calming down, Mr. Zang felt that the dog could hold firmly under the bed so he decided to drive to a nearby veterinarian to ask for help.

When the veterinarian examined him carefully, surprisingly, the dog was safe and sound without any injuries. When a collision occurs, I don’t understand why the dog can safely fall under the chassis?

The total distance from being trapped to being rescued was 248 miles, which is truly a miracle story when the dog survived.

Mr. Zang shared the story online with the desire to find the owner for the dog but can’t find it temporarily

Thinking that this is fate, the dog miraculously escaped danger, related to me. Mr. Zang thought this was fate, so he raised the dog, and now they are like a close friend. Mr. Zang also has a dog for daily companionship, life is much happier than before

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