The cat stole things from the whole neighborhood to give to the new owner.

The story is that when Kay and his wife moved to a new neighborhood, a yellow cat immediately visited.

After that every day, the cat appeared and gave her a gift. Only later did she learn that those gifts were all “stolen” by cats

This is the “literary cat” character mentioned:

Not only does the cat come to visit and ask her to pet him, but he also lies around happily, familiar with every corner of the house.

At first it was fine, until one day Kay discovered some toys in her backyard. Every day, it’s like Santa Claus comes and leaves a gift

Just when she was confused, she happened to see a mysterious guest coming to give him a gift, so it was this orange baby.

Since then, Kay’s habit every morning is to check to see what the cat has given her

There are balls, gloves, and dog toys

Dolls, socks, t-shirts,…

Not long afterthe gift Kay toys were full of 1 table

However, Kay feels strange, where does the cat find so many and varied toys?

So she decided to share the story with the neighborhood group when the funny truth was revealed. It turns out that these things were stolen by the orange cat all over the neighborhood. Immediately known as the “pirate” of the night

Every day, cats roam around the neighborhood, sneaking into residents’ homes to steal things when they aren’t paying attention. Even go directly to the children’s room to “borrow” the baby’s toys

Some residents recognized the item they lost in the photo, everyone felt it was funny

So  Kay found the owner of each item to return to “baptize” the cat.

After that the cat’s owner explained that he couldn’t keep the cat anymore, and asked Kay to adopt it for him. Only now did she understand, so  that sneaky cat wants to please her to be adopted ?

Kay is very familiar with the cat, her husband also loves raising animals. So the couple quickly became the new owners of the pirate cat.

The cat was given a new name, Kylo, and now has a new home and lots of toys. It seems that Kylo has “washed his hands of his sword” and is no longer a petty thief. However the neighborhood’s reputation as a “pirate” has become the story of the entire local community, it’s hard to baptize haha

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