The dark side of Hollywood is often hidden from the public

Life in Hollywood seems to be the epitome of a flashy and unique society. Hollywood movie stars are well-groomed, rich and famous. However, behind a beautiful picture there are always hidden secrets.

Not everything goes well

From the outside, it may seem that Hollywood stars have almost no problems, but this is not true. They also had extremely difficult times, times of crisis and material difficulties.

Many actors suffer from mental disorders but not everyone can share it with the public. There are many celebrities in Hollywood who have been forced to seek psychotherapist and regularly take antidepressants.

Anorexia syndrome

In the showbiz world, many Hollywood stars suffer from eating disorders. Celebrities suffering from anorexia syndrome are becoming increasingly common.

Artists always have a need to look more attractive, otherwise they will face a drop in popularity and income. The problem is that not everyone immediately understands that they have anorexia and that this is a dangerous disease.

Age Discrimination

Many stars (not only female but also male) hide their real ages, saying it is a mandatory measure. This is explained by the fact that over the years it has become increasingly difficult to get well-paid roles.

However, that does not cover up the “unwritten” law of age discrimination in Hollywood actors. In fact, this is the reason why the age issue of actors is always covered up.

Animal abuse

Nowadays, films with the participation of animals have become very popular. At the beginning or end of movies or promotional videos, the producers always insist that not a single animal was harmed during filming.

But this does not always comply with the commitments made. In order for the animals to follow the intended scenario, they can be starved, beaten and held in unsuitable conditions.

For example, in the movie “Life of Pi”, the image of an emaciated tiger appeared both literally and figuratively. During the filming of the movie “The Hobbit”, nearly 30 animals actually died.

“Forced” relationships

When the peak of stars’ popularity is over, media managers often advise actors to start a relationship that intrigues the public, or even creates scandals.

Producers also often “fake up” star romances to attract attention before launching new projects.

The secret to good photos

Stars are being chased by paparazzi. Their photos are scattered across popular publications and the Internet.

In some images, the stars appear in stunning looks. The secret to success lies in the fact that celebrities have “bribed” the paparazzi in advance, because this is an opportunity for them to express themselves favorably. Not everyone recognizes this scam.

Crazy fans of the stars naively believe that their idols are simply always photogenic and amazing in any photo, even if they don’t intentionally pose.

“Additional” actors at the Oscars

At the Oscars, there were many “contract workers” hired to participate. This is explained to increase the meaning of the award in the eyes of the audience.

Many people think that only stars and their loved ones are present at the event, but that is not the case. The majority of those present were “contract employees”.

In the hall, they perform their duties and receive a fee for this. But at the same time, the “contractors” do not have the right to approach famous guests, nor try to communicate with them. All specific content is clearly stated in the contract they must sign.

Bid for stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

It turns out it’s true that celebrities pay up to $30,000 for this. Because of such an expensive price tag, not all celebrities aspire to receive this award.

However, now in Hollywood there are more than 2,500 pentagrams named after prominent figures who have contributed to the development of art and cinema.

“Casting Couch” – Exchange of love for a role

This term means a number of actors and actresses who are willing to do anything to get a role in a movie. Actress Megan Fox once said that she knows many examples when actors in pursuit of popularity sold themselves on the “casting chair”. In society, this is condemned, but such cases are not unique in Hollywood.

Substance abuse

Some celebrities have a habit of using illegal drugs. However, sometimes it is the movie producers who encourage bad habits.

Some information exposed in the media shows the truth

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