The injured dog tries to crawl home but the owner refuses, and the sweeping couple collects money to save the dog

A sad but fortunate story with a happy ending, a dog named Nin, used to live in the factory and was often shared food by workers.

However, an unexpected accident turns Nin’s peaceful life upside down

One afternoon, Nin was playing around the factory as usual when he was hit by a speeding car. The car sped away without stopping, Nin was seriously injured, and his hind legs were unable to walk. The dog tries its best to crawl back to the factory on its front legs

The owner was a factory worker who, because he could not afford to take Nin to the hospital, was quite indifferent. The poor dog is faced with living with 2 hind legs almost motionless


Luckily there was a couple who often came to the factory to collect waste. Because they had loved Nin for a long time, when they heard the story, they immediately came to help.

Even though their finances were limited, the couple did not hesitate to pool the costs to take Nin to the hospital for examination and treatment.

The test results showed that Nin’s spinal nerves were damaged, it would be difficult to stand up normally.

However, the couple did not give up, applying folk methods such as massage, acupuncture, hoping that Nin would recover.

It seemed that Nin missed life in the factory so much that he crawled back to where he used to live many times. The couple was forced to limit the dog in a certain space so that the wound could recover quickly

In this way, they have raised Nin for 3 years, and her current health situation has basically recovered. In order for Nin to be able to stand up, they bought a wheelchair so that Nin could walk more easily.

Under the couple’s care, Nin has a loving home again. There’s nothing happier than this, they feel it was worth their efforts over the past 3 years

In the end, good people will be rewarded. Each person’s heart is not expressed in money, status, or career. I hope each of us has the same selflessness, sharing, and love!

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