The kitten adopts a dog as a mother, until the day the mother dog dies, the cat still goes back to the old place to find her mother

A stray cat who came into the house out of nowhere mistook the dog for his mother and the story of the mother of the dog and cat began from there.

Recently, the story shared by an unnamed female friend has made the dog and cat lover community almost rub because of the pitifulness of her mother and cat couple. The emotional content of the story is as follows: “This is Min with Meo, Min is the one who came before my father brought me back. Min is very gentle every sin or barks hard. Meo’s story is more complicated. After 1 rainy and windy night, the next morning when I was sleeping, I heard Min playing with someone and kept running. I couldn’t sleep, I was too annoyed to open the door to see where the little yellow cat came from to play with Min.

Another squirrel in the tree howled excitedly and cheered (my house is next to the park so there’s a whole family of squirrels living there). And from that day on, the cat thought Min was its mother because of the “common yellow color” and kept following her. My father also felt guilty because the cat was sick and felt sorry for him so he kept feeding him. Name Meo always. After a while, Min got pregnant. Meow, he keeps following Min’s “clingy” side :))) The two of us are very close. Wherever we go, we are together. My cat, Meo, often defecates sour sounds in my house, so I am helpless.

Then the day came when Min gave birth to a baby like Meo who was left out. Min doesn’t let Meo near her. Meo kept wanting to sleep together again but Min wouldn’t let her. The Cat kept going in and out, flickering in and out.

Mother and daughter sunbathe together early. After all, when Min’s children were 1 month old, Min was fed baits right in front of her house. Very poor. Poor little hungry children kept crying. As for Meo, every night she sits in front of my house calling meoooo meow, waiting for Min. He kept coming closer to the puppies to wait for Min. See terrible crime.

Every day he meows when he comes home from work and sees him sitting in the yard waiting. After that, I sold all the puppies because I couldn’t take care of them. The only remaining cat is sad. Naturally, at first there was Min, then there were a whole bunch of kids. And now he’s alone. He’s sad, he left, he doesn’t stay at my house often anymore. It keeps going somewhere, and it comes back at night or when there’s no one at home. In the afternoons, I still see him lying and waiting for Min under the swing where the two of us often lie and sunbathe together. Poor two kids. Seeing it hurts.” Since then, only Meo still returns to the old house at night to look for Min’s mother.

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