The mother dog died, the three puppies wandered in the forest. When they saw someone, they happily asked to follow them

When a group of young men were hiking on a weekend when they noticed an unpleasant odor on the mountainside, they recognized it as an animal odor.

They followed the smell to find the exact location when they discovered a large dog lying motionless on the ground.

It seems that it has been lost for a few days, under the weather conditions in the mountains, so the body has begun to decompose quite badly

At this moment, they heard a rustle nearby, immediately appeared 3 small milk puppies running towards them excitedly. The puppy ran to the young man’s feet with a petite expression, as if meeting his savior

It seems like I’ve been wandering in this forest for a long time, when I meet people who are very curious, friendly, and smile happily.

They guessed that these 3 little milk dogs were the children of the unfortunate mother dog that passed away, must have been starving for several days.

3 puppies wrapped around the young men as if saying “please let us come with you”

The climbing group took out spare food for the puppies to fill their bellies. The children ate happily and the group of young people also canceled their mountain climbing plan and took the three puppies home

After returning home, a young man adopted them and gave them a bath and cleaned them up

Finally, today 3 orphaned puppies have a home, hope they will always be healthy and safe

Animals are wandering, homeless, we hope we don’t hurt them. After all, it is a life, we should extend a helping hand and care for even the smallest things.
This world will become increasingly better if everyone has good actions

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