The mother dog took her baby to run away in the night because she heard that she was about to be sold, when she found it, everyone was sympathetic

What to say unconditional love? The answer is mother’s love. The mother may be willing to sacrifice everything for her child, so that she can be safe and healthy

The sympathetic story of the mother of a dog on a farm makes many people unable to hold back.

The man opened a breeding farm, which was specialized in selling puppies. Recently, a white dog became pregnant and gave birth to several puppies. Because he wanted to think of the best way to sell, he called to discuss the time to take the puppy away

Because he had found a buyer, the owner took good care of the puppies, and early in the morning when he got up to feed them, both mother and child were gone

Only then did he realize that the mother dog had taken her child and ran away in the night. But he guessed that the puppy’s mother couldn’t go far. When I went out to search, I saw the puppy’s mother curled up in a small hole. It seems that the mother and daughter refused to return, he did not understand why this time the mother dog reacted like that.

In fact, this mother dog has given birth many times, possibly because her previous litters were all sold, causing her to have psychological ghosts in her heart. Fearing that his cubs will also be sold this time, he tries to run away. The man took the mother and children home, thinking that he would never sell puppies in front of the mother dog again

Seeing this scene was unbearable, so the farm owner decided to keep the puppies so the mother dog could take care of them.

Facing separation, even animals will feel sad and helpless. If they could speak, they would also have desires and wishes like humans. Let’s love and care more for dogs and cats right in our home!

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