The pregnant dog was sold to the slaughterhouse, when rescued burst into tears, then gave birth to 8 puppies

I was driving through 1 suburb when I suddenly saw a 3 wheeler parked on the side of the road. Next to him was an uncle sitting suspiciously, a large golden-haired dog locked inside.

The instinct sensed that something was wrong, so he got off the car and asked. The man replied that he was preparing to transport the dog in his car to the restaurant he had booked today

I heard the casual answer and my whole body went cold, suddenly realizing that this was a vehicle transporting animals to the slaughterhouse

I watched the dog lie still in the car, he didn’t seem to have any hope of life and accepted his fate

Because the car was broken, the other man had to stop and fix it, he opened the car door for us to take a closer look at the dog. It was surprising that as soon as I opened the iron cage, the dog immediately shed tears, feeling like a human knowing that he was approaching something.

After getting out of the car, the dog kept wagging its tail and leaning on me, crying louder and more pitiful

I looked back and saw that the dog’s belly was fatter than usual. I suspected that the dog was pregnant, but the man insisted that the dog was not pregnant.

Immediately I offered to buy the dog back at any cost, after a few phone callsthe man agreed to sell it to me.

Then my friend and I took the dog to the nearest veterinary hospital for a health check-up. At first I offered to bathe the dog to make it more clean and comfortable, but the doctor refused and judged that the dog might actually be pregnant.

After doing a B ultrasound, the dog is actually pregnant and has quite a few puppies. I feel very happy because I was able to save the mother dog and her cubs in time

Unexpectedly, the day after 1 day of returning home, the mother dog gave birth to 8 adorable chubby puppies. More amazingly all 8 puppies are purebred. It can be guessed that the owner of the mother dog had a plan for her to breed but cruelly sold the dog to the slaughterhouse.

I feel like I’ve just done the best thing I’ve done in years, which is saving 9 lives. Dogs are the most loyal and affectionate animals to humans, please love and protect them. Hopefully this won’t happen again in the future

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