The Rock: From a poor boy who was shunned and fell into depression into a billion-dollar star

Having a sad past before reaching the peak of glory, the story of the Hollywood star has inspired millions of people.

Dwayne Johnson, also known by his stage name “The Rock”, is an American retired professional wrestler, film actor and producer.

At the age of 50, this man is a billion-dollar Hollywood star with many lifetime works such as: The Scorpion King ; The Mummy Returns ; Agent 86: Mission Impossible … Before reaching the peak of fame as he is now, actor The Rock went through many ups and downs.

Haunted childhood

The Rock was born in 1972 into a family with a wrestling tradition. His father is Rocky Johnson – the first African-American wrestling champion and the male artist’s grandfather is Chief Peter Maivia, a Samoan wrestling pioneer.

Growing up in such a special family, from a young age, The Rock was taller than his peers. When he turned 15, this actor was 1.9m tall and weighed more than 90kg with solid muscles. Because of his unique “giant” appearance, this actor’s school years were filled with sadness.

Culture - The Rock: From a poor boy who was shunned and fell into depression into a billion-dollar star

The Rock has a massive, muscular appearance at the age of 15.

The Hollywood star shared that he was shunned by friends and even teachers, and had limited contact because of his bulky appearance. The man recalled: ” When I went to a new school, everyone treated me as if I had the plague and even avoided me because they mistook this tall guy for an undercover police officer. ”

Not only that, The Rock’s childhood was a series of days witnessing his parents arguing fiercely because of the pressure of food and money. When The Rock was 14 years old, his family was deported from Hawaii and had to go through a difficult time because they had no place to go.

The actor admitted in 2018 that he had a past of stealing steaks from the grocery store because he was too hungry. He also witnessed his mother trying to die from poverty. However, in the end, she chose to continue living and tried to escape the quagmire of fate.

Growing up, The Rock went through a period of sadness and despair due to not being able to pursue the path he wanted. He loves rugby, but due to constant injuries, the man fell into depression and was unable to pursue a professional rugby career. The man once said: ” At that time, for me, without rugby, my future felt like it was crushed. It was the worst time in my life .”

Culture - The Rock: From a poor boy who was shunned and fell into depression into a billion-dollar star (Figure 2).

He used to have a burning passion for rugby but could not develop it due to injury.

Conquer challenges, reach the peak of glory

Putting aside his dream of rugby, The Rock was persuaded by his father to follow the path of wrestling and train him to become a famous warrior on the stage.

Because he is the son of the family, the man has shown his talent in this subject. In 1995, he officially became a WWE fighter with the nickname Rocky Maivia, taken from the names of his father and grandfather to remind him of his roots.

Thanks to his natural talent and superior bravery, The Rock shows off dangerous blows, quickly defeats opponents and wins a series of championships. As a result, he became one of the greatest professional wrestlers in history.

Having spent his most glorious years as a wrestler, in 2004, Dwayne Johnson said goodbye to the ring to enter the film industry with the desire to become a Hollywood star.

Culture - The Rock: From a poor boy who was shunned and fell into depression into a billion-dollar star (Figure 3).

He had a successful wrestling career.

And fortunately, this choice has helped his name resonate around the world. The cult actor first appeared as an actor in The Mummy Returns (The Mummy Returns) released in 2001.

Not long after his first film, the actor continued to accept the invitation to participate in the project The Scorpion King (Scorpion King). Although this is the first lead role in his acting career, he has achieved admirable results.

Thanks to the outstanding success of the Scorpion King, The Rock has helped The Rock go deep into the acting path. Rolling Stone magazine once commented on this actor as follows: ” There is a sensibility in The Rock that is very suitable for action movies. He will definitely become a real movie star .”

And indeed, just a few years later, with perseverance and unremitting efforts, The Rock was remembered by the public as one of Hollywood’s top action superstars through a series of impressive roles . Thanks to his talent and popularity, the male actor has a “huge” salary ranging from several million to tens of millions of dollars (not including remuneration divided by film profits).

Culture - The Rock: From a poor boy who was shunned and fell into depression into a billion-dollar star (Figure 4).

The actor quickly became a screen star.

In 2019, Forbes magazine honored Dwayne Johnson as the highest-paid actor. In addition, Time magazine honored the actor in the list of 100 most influential people in the world 2019.

Besides his illustrious career, Dwayne Johnson’s personal life also receives attention from many fans. He experienced a broken marriage with his first wife Dany Garcia and they have a daughter together. Currently, The Rock is living a perfect life with his wife Lauren Hashian and has two lovely princesses.

Culture - The Rock: From a poor boy who was shunned and fell into depression into a billion-dollar star (Figure 5).

The actor’s perfect family.

After more than a decade together, he and his current partner held a simple, cozy wedding in his hometown of Hawaii in August 2019. Although he is a billion-dollar star loved by everyone, when he leaves the screen, Dwayne Johnson is still like any other ordinary father. He spends time playing with his children, taking care of his small home and enjoying laughter-filled trips with his family.

It can be seen that The Rock is a typical example of the fact that no matter what your starting point or situation, as long as you keep trying and never give up, everything will be rewarded.

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