The skinny wild dog with bare ribs is shunned, the kind girl brings back the foster and the end

Surely you are no stranger to the saying: “Take work to help people make fun”. If in life, you encounter people, things, or things that need help, are you willing to help?

A girl named Lu, who is Chinese, found a thin sick dog with only skin covered in bones. At that time, it seemed to suffer from a skin disease that caused all the hair on its body to fall out, not only that, the wandering life without food and drink made its condition more and more pathetic, making people see no mercy.

Moved by compassion, Ms. Lu immediately went to buy the dog some food, and then took him to the hospital to be checked. She did all she could in her power, hoping the dog would recover soon.

dog 1
Having never kept an animal in her home, Ms. Lu shared photos and plight of the dog online to find him a kind owner.

At that moment, the security of the ward asked to remove the dog from the area because it was sick and did not have an owner, so she did not know how to manage.

Eventually, she decided to adopt it.

dog 2

After following Ms. Lu home, the dog changed dramatically.

chu cho 3

Under Ms. Lu’s attentive care for a year, the dog, which had a new name, Samoyed, gradually recovered, and its skin disease also improved a lot. Body hair has begun to grow back clean, pure white. Samoyed looks more fleshy, more alive.

chu cho 4

You would think that this cannot be the skinny dog mentioned above. Because before our eyes is the image of a dog with white fur, active, extremely adorable like a little angel.

chu cho 5

The touching story about the love between owner and dog has been mentioned and praised a lot by the press.

chu cho 7

Samoyed is having a very happy life with owner Lu, he also gets along very well with the little cat in the house. It’s not a waste of the effort Ms. Lu has put in.

chu cho 8

chu cho 9

From the story of the Samoyed dog, perhaps we should pay more attention to the people, things, and things around us. Who knows, at some point they may need your support.

chu cho 10

And then, please don’t be shy, because even if it’s just a good intention, a small action from you can change their whole life.

chu cho 11


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