The stray dog realizes its owner and runs after the car to exhaustion, the reunion in tears

In early March this year, a man was driving to work early in the morning when suddenly a dog ran parallel to the car.

At first he just thought the dog was chasing something, but actually the dog was trying to chase his car.

Although he tried to accelerate, the dog did not give up, suddenly realized something, he hurriedly parked the car on the side of the road

After the car stopped, the dog caught up, at which point he shouted “Dodo.” He was both suspicious and low in his heart waiting for the dog’s reaction. Immediately the dog gasped, jumped on the car door and bulldozed his head against the door


Thấy được chú chó đáp lại, anh chàng lập tức bật khóc, vội vàng xuống xe kiểm tra, nhìn kỹ lần nữa mới dám xác nhận đây là chú chó nhà mình thất lạc nửa năm trước

The story must be told half a year ago, his family originally had a dog, which was pampered by the whole family. Although in the countryside, but pet dogs are fully purchased from: cages, ready food, toys, clothes, … you can see how the dog is loved by the family.

Unexpectedly, during a walk the dog suddenly disappeared, although the family tried to search the surrounding area but was unsuccessful. The family was so sad for a long time that they threw away all the dog’s things because they missed them so much

Now, when he saw his puppy again, recognized it and tried his best to chase after the car, he was deeply moved.

Because of living on the street, Dodo’s appearance was really pitiful, his hair was tattered, dirty, and his body was covered with wounds. Fortunately, Dodo has found his family again, no longer suffering from the life of a stray dog

Not everyone is as lucky as the brother in the story above, I hope everyone will be more careful so that a pitiful stray dog situation like this doesn’t happen again!

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