The two dogs guard their owners like bodyguards, apparently protecting what “the family has been waiting for 10 years.”

One family had two cute and naughty Dachshunds, a puppy named Na, an 1-year-old girl, and a 11-year-old puppy who should be Bai.

An unusual expression of 10 dogs made the family burst with happiness when understanding the reason:

The owner couple has not had children for many years, these 2 adorable dogs keep the couple company, making their lives full of joy and meaning.

Recently, Na clung to the owner, even when she went to the toilet or anywhere, 2 dogs followed, watched, protected

At first, it was difficult to understand why these two kids seemed to become her personal bodyguards

Until she discovered her body was abnormal and bought a pregnancy test. Unexpectedly, she was pregnant without even realizing it, the baby was 5 weeks old

The whole family burst into happiness. At this moment, the owner realized that the two dogs sensed the presence of the little creature in her belly, so they protected her so strictly.

It turns out dogs have such great premonitions, the two dogs’ attitudes changed even more when they found out she was having a baby. They gently caress and play, not mischievous or disruptive.

Now that her baby girl is 5 months old, her two dogs have also become nannies, accompanying her inseparably.

Also from here, the couple was immediately cold by 2 dogs, because they were busy taking care of babies, practicing to be “diaper moms, diaper dads”

The family of 3 people and 2 puppies is getting happier and warmer.

To you, a dog may be just a pet, but to them, you are your whole life. Therefore, every change in the owner and dog can be felt, so don’t ignore it but pay more attention!

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