Touching journey, young man rides an old bicycle more than 2,000 miles to adopt 50 stray dogs

Steve boy with compassion, rich in love and compassion for stray dogs, without help.

He started the idea with a fierce determination. With only a bike as a means of transport, after traveling more than 2000 miles, he has now created a cozy home for his four-legged friends, despite many obstacles

During the trip Steve provided food and temporary shelter for the stray dogs he encountered.

Over the course of 14 years Steve has adopted more than 50 dogs into his home. At one point, he even boldly started a trip from California to Indiana so he could help more dogs.

Steve refuses to give his beloved puppies to others despite his difficult circumstances. His family includes a mother dog and adorable puppies, and he only owns a bike and a car.

The extraordinary journey spanned nearly 2,000 miles and explored many different regions of the country. Finally, Alicia Edrington offered to help the boy and the puppies.

Alicia provided Steve with the money needed to secure a temporary shelter for him and his puppies.

Kerry, a representative from the West Memphis animal shelter, recently donated one hundred kilograms of food to Steve.

Some other people provided leashes and harnesses for the dogs and allowed him and his dogs to stay at the hotel.

Most of the dogs he helped before are at his house, his mother takes care of them and loves them.

Steve persisted with his journey, the number of dogs he adopted grew larger and larger. Many communities have supported and helped him both financially and with food.

Thanks to his kindness, Steve has saved dozens of unfortunate dogs. If everyone had a great heart like Steve, surely the unfortunate lives out there would be significantly reduced!

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