Wild dog with broken limbs by bad guys, crawls to pet store to ask for help: “help me”

This little dog has been homeless for quite a long time, suffered many injuries, was bullied by other animals, was broken by bad guys … But it still puts its trust in people

Early that morning, the woman was exercising when she caught sight of the dog dragging on 4 legs, trying to crawl on the ground, crawling towards the pet store

She was shocked to see this pitiful sight and also felt that the puppy was very intelligent. Because you want to survive, you go to the place to ask for help. But due to the stairs at the entrance to the store, the dog cannot climb.

She immediately helped, not hesitating to pick her up and wait for the store to open.

Not long after, the store’s staff appeared and promptly helped

It can be seen that the dog’s fur has not been cared for for a long time. It is unknown how much damage the dog has suffered, causing all four legs to be broken and unable to walk normally.

They clean the fur and provide basic hygiene to make the dog more comfortable and gentle. They also learned that the four injured legs were caused by human impact. Due to lack of timely treatment, it was difficult to recover as usual.

The doctor here gave first aid to the wounds, did a basic examination and gave the dog some food. When the woman heard the doctor explain her health condition, she did not hesitate to adopt the puppy

After that, she took the dog to visit many veterinary hospitals but the situation was not very positive. However, she still tries to take care of and love the dog to the fullest.

Time has passed, and that poor puppy is now loved and cared for by its owner. Although I cannot regain my original appearance, I have a loving home.


I hope that the unlucky dogs and cats out there will soon be covered, sheltered and have a roof for themselves

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