Hot: 13 intact coffins were found in the Saqqara burial chamber, dating back 2500 years

In an unusual discovery, archaeologists in Egypt have uncovered a mysterious collection of coffins that were piled one on top of another. These coffins were found inside a 40 ft deep well, and are believed to contain human mummies that have been sealed inside it for more than 2500 years.
Reportedly, these 13 unopened coffins are so well preserved that even the original colours and detailed designs are clearly visible. This discovery was brought into light by Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. Referring to this, Minister Khaled El-Enany from the Ministry added that it’s an indescribable feeling when you witness such an archaeological discovery.

2,500-year-old intact and sealed coffins are discovered in Giza, Egypt | Daily Mail Online

Reportedly, archaeologists made this discovery at Saqqara, which is an ancient site that lies around 20 m. south of Egypt’s capital, and is popular because of some of its landmarks, such as the Step Pyramid.

The Ministry also stated that these newfound coffins are in fact the largest finding at Saqqara since the discovery of 30 wooden coffins at Al-Assasif cemetery within the necropolis in October 2019.
As per the reports, the said discovery comes to light just a week after the country reopened its museums and archaeological sites to visitors after remaining closed for a few months due the global pandemic.

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This new discovery, as well as the cache at Al-Asasif are, reportedly, just a few of the vast number of animals and humans discovered at Saqqara. Located around 30 km south of Cairo, Saqqara is the resting place of kings, who were the rulers during the first and second dynasties, including Djoser, the first king of the third dynasty.

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