Hot news: Bold plan revealed brings hope to find missing MH370 “Is this plan okay?”

The search for MH370 is getting a new ray of hope from a daring plan to locate the missing plane through underwater explosions.

Latest update on the missing MH370 case , Metro news site said, researchers have proposed a new plan to find the crash site. This information is a new ray of hope for relatives of the victims on the Malaysia Airlines flight after many years.

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 carrying 239 people went missing while traveling from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China on March 8, 2014.

The search for MH370 has been launched, one of the most expensive underwater searches in history.

However, the whereabouts of the missing plane and the fate of the passengers on the flight remain one of the biggest mysteries in modern aviation history.

Recently, researchers at Cardiff University, UK, believe that audio signals obtained from a hydroacoustic station off the coast of Australia can provide answers about what happened to the plane. of Malaysia Airlines.

Planes falling into water often create unique sound signals that can travel more than 3,000 km in water.

Dr Usama Kadri at Cardiff University’s School of Mathematics, said: “In the case of MH370, the official investigations concluded that the plane definitely crashed near arc 7 – the point of last contact. between the aircraft and the INMERSAT satellite”.

Dr. Kadri pointed out that the main MH370 search area in the 7th arc is less than 2,000 km from the hydroacoustic station in Cape Leeuwin, Australia. Therefore, there is no obstacle in filtering the signal.

“However, within the time frame and location suggested by the official search, only a relatively weak signal was identified,” the Cardiff University scholar noted.

Since MH370 went missing, several pieces of plane debris have been found, including in Australia, South Africa and Mozambique.

Currently, MH370 investigators are trying to find out whether it is possible to localize a more precise search location by carrying out a series of controlled explosions underwater, according to The Sun.

This method has proven effective in other studies, giving families of MH370 victims hope they may finally have answers about the disappearance.

“Similar exercises were carried out during the search and rescue mission of ARA San Juan – a submarine lost off the coast of Argentina in 2017.

This shows us that the measure is relatively simple, feasible and could provide a means to determine the relevance of the signal to MH370, before continuing with another extended search.” – Dr. Kadri noted.

If the available signal is confirmed to be related to MH370 crashing into the Indian Ocean, investigators can significantly narrow down, almost pinpointing the exact location of the plane’s crash site.

If the signals are determined to be unrelated, authorities will need to reassess the time frame or location for search efforts for missing flight MH370.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to find a strong enough signal to launch a new search for the missing plane,” Dr. Kadri said. However, if authorities follow recommendations, we can assess the relevance of the observed signals, potentially shedding light on the location of MH370 .”

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