Hot news: The coffin of the sleeping princess is 800 million years old, her skin is still strangely rosy

According to Tri Thuc Tre citing 7Tales, the story begins in September 1969, in the village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago in Kemerovo province (Russia). While working in a mine more than 72 meters deep, miner Karnaukhov accidentally discovered a marble coffin with very sophisticated decorative patterns on the outside.

All work at the mine must stop immediately. The coffin was brought to the surface to be opened. The edge of the coffin has been fossilized. According to witnesses, when the coffin was opened, inside was the body of a woman. The coffin was filled with a pink-blue liquid. This woman, who looked to be about 30 years old, was called Princess Tisulsky by some local newspapers.

The miner discovered the coffin during workThe miner discovered the coffin during work

Close-up of the marble coffinClose-up of the marble coffin

According to the description, the princess has big, round blue eyes, typical of Europeans. Her hair is slightly curly, thick and has red highlights, reaching down to her waist. Her hands are soft and her nails are neatly cut short. She wore a knee-length lace dress with short sleeves embroidered with flowers. Inside, she wasn’t wearing underwear. She looked like someone sleeping, but still looked very alive. Above her head is a metal box, one end is rectangular, the other end is round, measuring 10x25cm. No one knows what it is or what it is for.


The man in the group of miners was excited and even tasted some of the strange water. However, after returning home, he went crazy within a week. The coffin is opened for about 10 to 15 hours. Authorities were present to witness this event. A helicopter was then sent to take away the coffin , and the discovery area was sealed off.


But because the coffin was too heavy, they sucked out all the liquid surrounding the princess and immediately, her skin wrinkled and turned black into a dry corpse. According to some statements at that time, this coffin was 800 million years old. This information is of course absurd, because if humans really existed and evolved completely 800 million years ago, then everything in the coffin would have turned to stone, there is no way that their appearance would be intact or that anything would exist. The solution helps your skin stay rosy and beautiful like a princess.



According to some sources, this archaeological discovery is still kept secret, with only a little information leaked on a few Russian newspapers. Many people have suspected that this is a fictional story or a fake image.

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