Tarawasi Archeological Complex

The Tarawasi Archaeological Complex, is a very important ceremonial center of the Inca period that presents an incredible architecture with great mysteries that catch more than one visitor.

The name of Tarawasi comes from two words of the Quechua language that translates: the first “Tara” as “Tara bush” and the second “Wasi” is “House”. The construction of its vestiges is made of granite stone, which are united in perfection (own and unique style of the Incas), making it a must-see destination for the advanced architecture that presents.

This site has a distance of 77.2 km and only 1 hour and 43 minutes from the city of Cusco.

Hornacinas In TarawasiHornacinas In Tarawasi

It is an Inca center that has two ceremonial platforms, with the presence of trapezoidal niches, in its walls of perfectly carved stone of cellular or cushioned type. Where is the image of flower petals that form through their union.

To enter you pass through a grandstand in the form of a truncated pyramid, the entrance welcomes you with a visit to the 20 niches containing the size of a full human being. Likewise, it is believed that this place was built in the period of the Inca Pachacutec or after his government.

With the arrival of the Spaniards, the area became one of the most influential agricultural haciendas in the Limatambo Valley and today you can still see the remains of the houses that were built.

In one of the buildings you can see a carving of a figure that is on top of it and that probably can be a secret message from the ancient architects or Inca settlers. In this part you can see the image of a rainbow, which is not confirmed, but it is a sign that does not go unnoticed by visitors.

Tarawasi Raymi, is the main ceremony of the site because every September there is a staging that tells how the Chankas confronted the Incas, where Pachacutec organized his attack to defeat this warrior group. This festivity gathers many visitors and has more than 300 artists on stage along with typical dances and Andean music.

Flower shaped stones in TarawasiFlower shaped stones in Tarawasi
Ancient hacienda in TarawasiAncient hacienda in Tarawasi

Tarawasi Raymi

Tarawasi Raymi

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