The American army encountered the giant in Kandahar, the giant army of the Russian army in World War I.

In the remote mountains of Kandahar, a story has circulated for years among military personnel and locals alike. It is a tale that intertwines the legends of ancient giants with modern military encounters. This story, although shrouded in mystery and skepticism, speaks of an extraordinary confrontation that allegedly took place involving American soldiers and a giant.

According to various accounts, a squad of American soldiers was on a routine patrol in the rugged terrain of Kandahar, Afghanistan, when they came across a massive cave. As they cautiously approached, they were reportedly met by a colossal humanoid figure emerging from the shadows. Described as being over 12 feet tall, with fiery red hair and a fearsome presence, the giant supposedly attacked the soldiers, resulting in a fierce battle. The confrontation ended with the giant being killed, but not without casualties among the soldiers. The body of the giant was said to have been swiftly recovered by the military, and any evidence of the encounter was reportedly classified.


Interestingly, tales of giants are not new to military history. During World War I, there were rumors within the Russian army about “giant soldiers” who were employed to intimidate and overpower enemy forces. These stories, often regarded as wartime propaganda or folklore, described these giants as towering individuals with extraordinary strength and endurance, bred or trained to serve in the harshest conditions of war.

While there is no concrete evidence to support the existence of such giant soldiers in the Russian army, these legends have persisted, fueling imaginations and conspiracy theories alike. Some suggest that these tales were born out of the need to explain the inexplicable bravery and physical prowess of certain soldiers under extreme wartime conditions.

The alleged encounter in Kandahar and the tales of the Russian giants share a common thread: the blending of myth and reality in times of conflict. While skeptics argue that such stories are mere fabrications or exaggerations, they continue to captivate and intrigue.

For the American soldiers in Kandahar, the encounter with the giant, whether real or imagined, highlights the timeless nature of human fascination with the unknown. Similarly, the Russian legends of giant soldiers reflect a historical need to attribute extraordinary characteristics to those who displayed exceptional valor and strength in war.


Whether the giant in Kandahar was a real entity or a product of collective imagination, and whether the Russian army truly had giant soldiers or simply larger-than-life heroes, these stories serve as powerful reminders of how myth and history often intertwine. They speak to the human desire to find meaning and wonder in the face of fear and uncertainty. As such, the legends of giants in military history continue to endure, capturing the imagination of those who hear them.

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