Unveiling The Past: Secrets Of A Ming Dynasty Tomb

Archaeologists from the Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology and the Xinzhou Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics have uncovered a well-preserved tomb dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in Xinzhou city, Shanxi province.

The tomb, located near the village of Hexitou in the Xinfu District, was discovered during excavations as part of a realignment project for National Highway 108.

Measuring approximately 83 feet in length and constructed with meticulous detail, it features a sloping passageway leading to a main burial chamber and a smaller back chamber. The entrance is sealed with a stone gatehouse and double doors, a rare feature that underscores the significance of the tomb.

Inside the main chamber lie two wooden coffins adorned with intricate designs, including gold diamonds, leaves, and flowers—a testament to the craftsmanship of the era. The coffins are accompanied by an array of funerary offerings, including pottery jars containing grains, oils, and other liquids. Additionally, the back chamber contains a variety of wooden furniture, such as altars, tables, and chairs.

Among the discoveries within the tomb are writing tools, including inkstones, Chinese calligraphy brush pens, and pen holders, underscoring the importance of literary culture during the Ming Dynasty.

Inscriptions found on the coffins and a land purchase contract within the tomb have helped researchers identify the occupant as Wang Luo (1533-1588), a prominent figure in Xinzhou during the Ming Dynasty.

This discovery is particularly noteworthy due to the meticulous construction of the tomb, the abundance of funerary objects, and the excellent preservation of wooden artifacts—a rarity in the region and the entire province of Shanxi. The wealth of artifacts and inscriptions offer a unique window into the lives of the elite class during this period.

Excavations in the Xinfu District have uncovered various archaeological sites spanning different historical periods, including the Longshan culture and the Warring States period.

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Archaeology News is an international online magazine that covers all aspects of archaeology.

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