20-time WWE champion to turn heel for the first time in three years and align with Roman Reigns? Exploring the potential

Will Roman Reigns have a new ally?

Roman Reigns has the odds stacked against him this weekend at the WWE Royal Rumble and he has made his Wiseman aware of it. It’s clear that Paul Heyman has a plan and it could all begin to make sense when the main event gets underway.

Earlier this week, Heyman sent a message to Randy Orton which made it seem as though he would be open to recruiting him, and if the two men have some time to hash out the details, nothing is stopping Orton from aligning with The Bloodline.

Orton was once a member of The Wyatt Family, Evolution and Legacy, and it’s incredibly obvious from his past that the former World Champion doesn’t work well with others. But all Reigns needs from Orton is to help him come out on top this Saturday night.

If Paul Heyman is in his ear then he could convince Orton that if the latter helps Reigns win the Fatal 4-Way then it could instead be him in the main event of WrestleMania, if the Royal Rumble winner chooses Seth Rollins.

Will Randy Orton align with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline?

Randy Orton may not be Roman Reigns’ bloodline, but he is from a wrestling bloodline and is also the son of a legend. He knows the pressure of being at the top of the company and is also very well aware of what it’s like to lead a faction.

The Viper would be a dangerous ally for Roman Reigns and he could help steer The Bloodline into a new era. If the Tribal Chief is victorious this weekend and takes another few months away, then Randy could take control of his faction in his absence, something that Paul Heyman is capable of negotiating.

With Matt Riddle no longer a part of WWE, Orton doesn’t have much of a future after this weekend and a heel turn could allow him to begin a much better journey, after all, he isn’t nicknamed The Viper for nothing.

Do you think Roman Reigns will gain a powerful ally this weekend at The Royal Rumble? Share your thoughts and predictions for the show in the comment section below.

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