Alexa Bliss reveals the lengths she has gone to to impress a boy; reveals his name

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is one of the most entertaining Superstars in the WWE right now. She has proven time and again that there is no role that she can’t play perfectly. Alexa Bliss has been a successful talk show host, wrestler, and a manager.

Now, WWE has booked her in a storyline with The Fiend. the storyline has quickly become one of the best parts of the promotion because of Alexa Bliss’ commitment to the role and the sheer unpredictability of what will happen.

Alexa Bliss on her dating life

Alexa Bliss reveals her new name

Alexa Bliss was in an interview with During the show, the former WWE RAW Women’s Champion spoke about her new podcast called Uncool. In the interview, Alexa Bliss talked about her childhood and her dating life when she was a teenager.

“I wasn’t allowed to date growing up, I just wasn’t allowed. My parents didn’t let me date really. I didn’t have my first boyfriend until senior year of high school. I didn’t really go on dates. When you’re a senior in high school, where are you gonna go? We’d all go to the movies with our friends but I don’t really having any embarrassing one on one dates. I would by Pokemon cards because he had Pokemon cards, and I learned to skateboard because he skateboarded – silly little things. One time, I was riding my bike, right, and I saw Cory skateboarding next door, and I looked over at him and as I was waving I ran my bike into my dad’s parked car and just ate it! Not my best moment, but it definitely happened.’

In the first edition of Alexa Bliss’ podcast, The Miz spoke about his personal life and his journey to becoming a WWE Superstar. The Miz also spoke about his most embarrassing moment in WWE and how Vince McMahon handled it.

Alexa Bliss has been doing “Fiendish” things such as hitting her opponents with the Sister Abigail. On last week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, when the arena turned red, and The Fiend appeared on the screen, Alexa Bliss went into a trance and laughed. She also stared down Roman Reigns when the Universal Champion passed by her on the show.

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