Becky Lynch’s WrestleMania 40 opponent revealed after Elimination Chamber 2024 main event

The Women

Rhea Ripley rightfully headlined Elimination Chamber in Australia against Nia Jax and ended up with her hand raised at the end.

The Women’s World Champion arguably got the loudest pop of the night as she came out in gear inspired by the Australian flag. After the customary pre-match introductions, Ripley began the match hot with kicks to Jax’s midsection.

The match followed a predictable pattern as Jax quickly gained control and began punishing Rhea Ripley. The Samoan mocked the champion as she wore Mami down.

Ripley visibly suffered throughout the match as Nia Jax seemed too powerful. Jax even executed a Samoan drop from the second turnbuckle for a near fall.

The action spilled over to the ringside area as well, where Jax delivered another Samoan drop, this time on the announcer’s table. Despite exhaustion setting in, the Australian fans were firmly behind Ripley as the champion tried to fight her way back at the Elimination Chamber.

Jax’s attempted top-tope move backfired as Ripley got her opponent crashing down with a suplex.

Rhea Ripley then landed a kick, followed by a Riptide for the three-count and the win over Nia Jax. The crowd at Elimination Chamber erupted as the referee raised Ripley’s arms after a hard-fought victory.

It was a great moment for the champion who got to live her dream and main-evented a WWE PLE in her home country. Elimination Chamber 2024 wrapped up with extensive pyro and a closing shot of Ripley with her championship, which she is expected to defend against Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 40.

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