Big Blow for Tom Brady as NFL Team Owners About to Take a Call on His $434M Worth Raiders Bid

Big Blow for Tom Brady as NFL Team Owners About to Take a Call on His $434M Worth Raiders Bid

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Tom Brady‘s investment in the Las Vegas Raiders isn’t without complications, as it’s been under scrutiny for at least 10 months. One person familiar with the matter said it might be “about time to fish or cut bait.” So what is going on in his second venture with team owner Mark Davis that has put the agreement on hold, barring a last-minute change next week?

The Raiders deal was first declared in May 2023 but has since faced complications relating to the team’s undervaluation.

Tom Brady’s stake is projected at 7% of the $6.2 billion franchise, which is worth $434 million. In addition, Brady’s post-retirement career with Fox, which is set to debut next season, is another cause for mixed verdicts from stakeholders over his Raiders’ ownership deal.

Could Tom Brady’s Raiders investment be put on hold?

According to a report by The Washington Post, NFL team owners may not take a vote at the annual league meeting next week to approve Tom Brady’s bid to acquire a minority stake in the Raiders. This is a report on Tuesday by two people familiar with the owners’ judgment. Despite a current stake value of $434 million, Tom Brady and his investment group, headed by Tom Wagner, intend to obtain a little over 10% franchise ownership.

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The NFL owners are concerned with the financial aspects of the proposed deal. Tom Brady’s bid should have the approval of at least 24 of the 32 owners who closely abide by the finance committee’s recommendation. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said, “The matter remains under review by the finance committee.” In addition to the problematic valuation agreement, Brady’s upcoming role with Fox as a broadcaster could be another block to his Raiders stake purchase.

Tom Brady’s dual role poses skepticism for NFL owners

Following his retirement, Tom Brady has landed a lucrative role with Fox for a 10-year $375 million contract, which is set to kick off once the regular season begins. A source close to the NFL owners recently said that some owners might be reluctant to allow the NFL legend to enter their training facilities as a broadcaster if he was a part owner of the Raiders, which is a valid reason.

Another possible problem pointed out by some NFL owners is that there could be conflicts of interest, per one person with knowledge of the deliberations and two people familiar with the owners’ views. After all, a man cannot serve two masters, and Brady could be torn by the strife between holding a Raiders ownership stake and serving as a Fox broadcaster on NFL games. However, given the final approval meeting on March 24 to 27 in Orlando, the results will slowly pan out.

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