‘Blissed’ off: Alexa reveals what soured her partnership with Blake & Murphy

What led to the split of the once-thriving Blake-Murphy-Bliss triumvirate, and why should the NXT’s Women’s division be very concerned about Alexa’s plans for the future?

For what was once one of NXT’s most promising factions, the trio of Blake, Murphy and Alexa Bliss seems to have permanently dissolved. This week, WWE.com sits down with Alexa to discuss the split and her impending plans for the future. Needless to say, Miss Bliss holds nothing back about her views and goals.

WWE.COM: For the record, how would you describe your relationship with Blake & Murphy?

ALEXA BLISS: Let me put this in terms so that even you can understand. I’ll describe it in one word: over.  Blake, Murphy and I used to be best friends. They helped me discover who I am. They taught me that Bliss was good, but bad is better. Because of the boys, I was able to really express who I am, instead of being the pixie princess I was pretending to be.

Blake & Murphy were winners, I was a winner, and winners usually gravitate toward each other. They helped me, so I helped them in any way I could. I knew they were able to retain their NXT Tag Team Championship on their own, but when the matches weren’t going the way they wanted, I made sure to step in. We were an unstoppable group. We worked well together, we all trusted each other, and we knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses. That’s what made our relationship good in the beginning.

WWE.COM: I noticed that you stressed “the beginning.” What led to your decision to disassociate yourself from them?

ALEXA: After a while, I felt I was being taken for granted. Blake & Murphy didn’t seem to appreciate who I was and what I was doing for them. After losing the NXT Tag Team Championship, they went on a long losing streak. They needed me, yet just used me as an accessory. I was the third member of that team, not just a piece of arm candy. Blake & Murphy stopped utilizing me and stopped appreciating what I could do for our group. I did everything in my power to give those boys opportunities to win in their matches.

WWE.COM: With all due respect, you often helped Blake & Murphy by cheating.

ALEXA: Were my actions always fair? No. But there is no “fair” in fighting. Once they stopped utilizing me, they ended up losing. It was one embarrassment after another.

Blissed' off: Alexa reveals what soured her partnership with Blake & Murphy | WWE

I showed those two countless times what it takes to win. I was setting an example, yet they just didn’t want to learn. I was sick and tired of being embarrassed and humiliated by them, because they had the talent, yet they were constantly underachieving and never reaching their full potential. I decided it was time to leave and time to stop carrying our team on my back.

Alexa Bliss credits Blake & Murphy with teaching her that “Bliss was good, but bad is better.” Now that she’s parted ways with the two Superstars, Alexa is ready to tear into NXT’s Women’s division.

WWE.COM: Why is Alexa Bliss now better as a solo act?

Blissed' off: Alexa reveals what soured her partnership with Blake & Murphy | WWE

ALEXA: Do you remember the NXT episode where I wasn’t ringside with them? The fans weren’t chanting, “Let’s go Blake, let’s go Murphy.” They chanted, “Where’s Alexa?” I always knew I was the star of the group, but the crowd confirmed it. At that moment I realized that if they didn’t start winning, I needed to make a drastic change in order to achieve my goals and my dreams. After all, it really is all about me at this point in my career.

WWE.COM: How would you compare the Alexa Bliss of today to the Alexa Bliss that made her NXT debut a couple years ago?

ALEXA: When I debuted at NXT, I was naive and look where it got me. I was overlooked and underestimated.  I am going to tear through this Women’s division and show them what frustration has turned me into.

WWE.COM: Why should the Women’s division be concerned about you?

ALEXA: I was built from the ground up by NXT. I am what they designed the future to look like. I am what everyone strives to be.  I was made to be Women’s Champion. I am the future, and I am here to take what is rightfully mine. Should they be concerned? No, no, no … they should be terrified!

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