Brittany Mahomes stuns fans with provocative dinner outfit

Kansas City Chiefs’ star Quarterback’s wife steals the spotlight again with latest social media posts

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback's wife makes headlines with her latest...

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback’s wife makes headlines with her latest outfit

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes, has once again captured the attention of sports fans and the media alike with her latest social media posts.

As arguably the most notable spouse in the entire NFL, Brittany has a sizeable social media following and routinely garners attention online.

In a series of now-viral posts, Brittany shared her provocative recent dinner outfit, which has sparked mixed reactions from fans. While some praised her fashion sense, others criticized her choice of attire.

Despite the mixed reactions, there is no denying that Brittany has been in the headlines a lot lately. From her wild Easter party photos, provocative party bus pictures, and memorable workout snaps with Kayla Nicole, it has been one thing after another.

Instagram @brittanylynne

As the wife of one of the NFL’s biggest stars, Brittany’s stock has understandably ascended as well. Patrick led the Chiefs to another Super Bowl victory last season, firmly solidifying himself as an all-time great. With his celebrity at an all-time high, Brittany has become a never-ending lightning rod for attention.

Instagram @brittanylynne

As long as the Chiefs keep winning, Brittany will continue to be the biggest NFL wife around. What will she go viral for next?

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