Caleb Williams Slapped With Harsh Reality of NFL After Jaylon Johnson Urges USC QB to Prove Himself

Who could have thought that being the top projected first pick for the 2024 NFL draft class would reel Caleb Williams in a situation? But here we are, almost a month away from the 2024 NFL draft, waiting for the Bears to make their most expected pick: Caleb Williams. The No. 1 pick holders’ decision is a widely discussed topic, and so are its repercussions. What will happen to Caleb Williams once he joins the Bears?

Williams is ‘the Hollywood’ in the Bears. Mainly because Williams’ NIL deals appear like bright lights, scrutinizing cameras, and Heisman action to the Nation. So, when it’s about his actual talent, Williams has quite a lot of convincing to do, even when the franchise is the one who will choose him. Demands from the best of the franchise players are pouring in as the best collegiate player of 2024 is expected to “prove his talent” to his team.

And Skip Bayless thinks that the USC QB is “going to suffer because of that.” “If it comes to Bears’ locker room, the Hollywood just arrived,” Bayless said to Keyshawn Johnson on his show. It’s not coming from Matt Eberflus or the Bears staffers. The challenge is coming straight from his (possible) future teammate Jaylon Johnson.

“What you did in college, the Hollywood, it’s like ‘Nah, you gotta prove yourself. That stuff like that doesn’t matter.’ You gotta get to know him too,” the Bears CB said on the Up & Adams Show. The veteran’s words were fueled by one intention: his support toward Justin Fields continuing to be the starting QB.

Even if he wanted to, Johnson can’t do much now for the cause since the Bears traded Fields to the Steelers in the NFL free-agency frenzy. Yet, he is planning to stand strong on his words of Williams having to prove himself. However, the real intentions behind Jaylon Johnson’s words are something entirely different from his initial words.

The real intention behind Jaylon Johnson’s words for Caleb Williams

While Johnson’s initial words might have come off as condescending to Caleb Williams, he and his team only want Williams to be “the best he can be”. Per Johnson, the team is bringing him in to win games, not for the Hollywood stuff. “Tying to learn and get to know him and then knowing from there what pushes him,” is Johnson’s motto for now for their possible new starting QB and he won’t mind a bit of trash talk if that will get Williams going.

The Hollywood part that everyone is referring to is Williams playing for the Trojans in Southern California, and how that’s a vastly different locale than Chicago. The Bears love their blue-collar, grind-it-out stars as they are. So seeing flashy people from Rodeo Drive doesn’t sit too well with them.

Yet, Johnson’s strict yet considerable approach towards Williams is something that will make the QB’s transition smoother. That, and also the addition of Keenan Allen and D’Andre Swift to the roster will give Williams the perfect padding he needs to fall back on during his initial period at the Chargers.

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