“Doesn’t Have to Win The Super Bowl”: Patrick Mahomes’ Comparison Can Loom Large Over Caleb Williams’ NFL Career

The prince of the Trojans is coming to the NFL but the mighty Mahomes resides over the throne already. He is projected to be the number 1 QB draft pick but as the fans would have it, he’s already a top talked-about topic amid NFL Draft conversations.

Caleb Williams, the quarterback for the USC Trojans, was the pride and glory of the team back in the 2023 season. The 2022 Heisman Trophy winner couldn’t lead his team to a top 4 CFP spot due to a loss at the hands of the Huskies but managed to make a name for himself with an exceptional individual performance. And now that he stands at the top of the Draft projections, the comparisons with Patrick Mahomes will ensure a cloud of pressure over the young QB.

‘Patrick Mahomes 2.0’, Caleb Williams set to prove himself against the comparisons with Mahomes

On the latest episode of the ‘NFL on ESPN’ show, the hosts went on to talk about Caleb Williams and the future that the NFL holds for him in case he ends up with the Chicago Bears. They further dove deep into the topic of how he’s constantly being compared to the Chiefs’ QB Mahomes, the supposedly best quarterback in the NFL currently.

In response to the comparisons, Mike Tannenbaum said, “He’s going to be competing against expectations that he needs to be Patrick Mahomes from the first snap and he does it. He could be a superstar but in year one, he doesn’t have to win the Super Bowl on the first snap and I think there’s the right way to match him so he can manage expectations and do well but not have to, you know throw for 400 yards every game.” Thus, Tannenbaum ended up relieving pressure off of Williams’ shoulders as his advice to him was to try and be the best version of himself rather than chase a Super Bowl victory. With all that said, here are Williams’ strong words for Mahomes when asked about being pitted against each other.

Williams is looking forward to the day he faces off against Mahomes

It is evident that Williams is the next up-and-coming quarterback in the NFL while Mahomes currently sits atop the table. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the fans continue to draw comparisons between the two players. But while Williams still has a long way to go to match the legacy of Mahomes, it doesn’t seem like he’s afraid of the challenge.

In a recent statement, Williams claimed that there wasn’t anything special about Patrick Mahomes and said, “Everybody watches Patrick [Mahomes] and sees all the cool things he can do. I always said, even in high school, that I don’t think there’s anything … obviously, it’s special, but I don’t think there’s anything that I can’t do that he’s doing out there. I think it’s really cool. Like I said, I have comparisons of a bunch of other people to have. Patrick is pretty cool.” Thus, the fans continue to look on to the NFL Draft day which is set to occur in 34 days, to witness the start of Williams’ great NFL career.

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