Dog Days and Disco: The Untold Story of Bruno Mars’s Devotion to Dogs

Dog Days and Disco: Bruno Mars’s Life-Long Love Affair with Man’s Best Friend

Bruno Mars has built a career on crafting chart-topping pop hits and dazzling live performances. But behind the glitz and glamour lies a deep devotion to a more simple joy – his love for dogs.

While Bruno keeps much of his personal life private, glimpses into his world reveal a man who finds solace, comfort and inspiration in his furry companions. Leading the pack is Bruno’s loyal Rottweiler, Geronimo, who has been by his side for nearly a decade. But Geronimo is just one piece of a larger story – one that shows Bruno’s life-long affinity for all things canine.

The Story of Geronimo

In 2012, Bruno adopted Geronimo as a puppy. Photos soon emerged of the pair, with Geronimo’s big paws and goofy grin suggesting he would grow into a giant teddy bear of a dog.

Geronimo quickly became Bruno’s constant shadow. He reportedly travels everywhere with Bruno, even joining him on tour. Bruno has referred to Geronimo as his “road dog,” indicating their deep bond.

Some fans speculate the lyrics “I’ll treasure you” in Bruno’s song “Treasure” could be a nod to Geronimo. While Bruno has never confirmed this, the sentiment fits with their seemingly inseparable relationship.

Beyond Geronimo: A Life-Long Love of Dogs

Geronimo may be Bruno’s most well-known pup, but he represents a much broader truth – Bruno Mars simply loves dogs.

He has been photographed petting and playing with dogs at events over the years. In 2020, he even posted a fun TikTok video with the hashtag #dogsoftiktok, showing his willingness to participate in canine-focused internet culture.

Bruno’s song “Count on Me,” with its themes of loyalty and unconditional friendship, could also be interpreted as having a canine inspiration. While Bruno has not explicitly said the song is about his dogs, the sentiment fits with his apparent dog-centric worldview.

The Unknowns: Glimpses of a Private Life

For all we know about Bruno’s love of Geronimo and dogs in general, much remains a mystery.

We don’t know if Geronimo is Bruno’s only dog or if he has other canine companions. His social media presence is fairly limited and dog-free, giving us only small windows into his life with his pups.

The full extent of Bruno’s passion for dogs also remains private. While the evidence suggests a deep affinity, we have only glimpses rather than a complete picture of how integral dogs are to Bruno’s happiness and creativity.

What we do know is this – behind the fame, the fortune and the flash, Bruno Mars has found simple joy and comfort in the unconditional love of man’s best friend. His story with Geronimo and all dogs big and small is a reminder of the power of the human-canine bond, which often transcends the trappings of celebrity life. For Bruno, it seems his “dog days” are here to stay.

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