Dua Lipa gets real about embracing singledom and focusing on selfcare. A reminder to put yourself first and celebrate your independence!

Dua Lipa and French Director Romain Gavras have fuelled relationship rumours since the pair were first spotted leaving a party together in February.

But in a recent episode of the Audacy Check-In podcast, when Lipa was asked about the meaning behind her new single “Houdini”, she revealed it’s all about being single and knowing and taking care of yourself.

“[When you’re single] you’re discovering yourself, you’re figuring out what you like, what you don’t like, what you deserve, what serves you and doesn’t in certain instances,” she explained. “[It’s about] learning to read red flags and just being like, ‘OK, this actually isn’t for me,’ and then choosing when to stay and when to ‘Houdini,’ essentially, in all those situations.”

But when asked the question: “What’s your favourite part about being single?”, the singer’s response was less about the “fun parts” of dating she mentions in her new single.

“You get to learn so much about yourself,” she answered. “A lot of people wish their singledom away looking for someone else, but I think the whole point of spending that time alone is to really figure out what you need, and who you are in the silence and who you are without someone. That’s the best bit, and then, of course, just enjoying your girl time or whatever it is.”

Although musically Dua Lipa is exploring singledom through her new song ‘Houdini’ it would appear that her relationship status is not in question. The singer was spotted with boyfriend Romain Gavras and her brother Gjin at Chiltern Firehouse restaurant in London earlier this November.

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