From ’24K Magic’ to ’24’ Episodes: The Popular TV Shows You Never Knew Bruno Mars Was In!

Bruno Mars, a name synonymous with catchy tunes, electrifying performances, and an uncanny ability to blend old-school funk with modern pop, has not just confined his talents to the music world. Beyond his Grammy-winning hits, Mars has had an intriguing presence on the small screen. Although best known for his musical prowess, his ventures into television, ranging from early cameos to musical showcases and unconventional appearances, have added fascinating layers to his already dynamic career. This article delves into these appearances, some of which might be surprising even to his most ardent fans.

Early Cameos

Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)

Long before he was known as Bruno Mars, Peter Hernandez made a fleeting appearance in the 1992 romantic comedy ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’. This film, starring Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker, features Mars as a six-year-old Elvis impersonator. His brief but memorable cameo at such a young age hinted at his future in show business.

The Arsenio Hall Show (1992)

Even at the tender age of five, Bruno Mars showcased his talents on a grand stage. His appearance on ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’, an iconic late-night talk show of the early ’90s, not only displayed his early love for performance but also his innate ability to charm an audience, a trait that would become a hallmark of his career.

Musical Showcases

Sesame Street (2011)

Bruno Mars took his musical talents to ‘Sesame Street’ in 2011, where he performed “Count on Me”, turning the song into a fun, educational number about counting for kids. This appearance not only highlighted his versatility as a performer but also his ability to connect with audiences of all ages.

Saturday Night Live (2011, 2016)

Mars graced the ‘Saturday Night Live’ stage as a musical guest twice, first in 2011 and then in 2016. These performances were pivotal, showcasing not just his singing and dancing skills, but also his ability to engage with live audiences. His range, from high-energy numbers to soulful ballads, was on full display, solidifying his status as a live performance powerhouse.

Unconventional Appearances

Piers Morgan Tonight (2012)

In an unexpected twist, Bruno Mars appeared on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ in 2012. Stepping outside his comfort zone of music and performance, he engaged in a sit-down interview with the controversial talk show host. This appearance offered fans a rare glimpse into Mars’ perspective on various topics, showcasing his eloquence and thoughtfulness off the stage.

24K Magic Live at the Apollo (2017)

The ’24K Magic Live at the Apollo’ special in 2017 wasn’t just another concert—it was a television event. Airing on CBS, this special captured Bruno Mars in his element, performing at the legendary Apollo Theater. The show was more than just a display of his musical talents; it was a testament to his charisma and connection with his audience, filled with engaging stage banter and electrifying performances.


Bruno Mars, primarily known for his music, has a surprisingly rich history of television appearances. From his early days as a child performer to his more recent ventures, his television appearances have contributed to his multifaceted career. These stints on the small screen have allowed fans to see different sides of Mars, beyond his well-known persona as a musician. Whether it’s a cameo in a movie, a musical performance on a children’s show, or a candid interview, Mars’ charm and talent transcend the music industry, making each of his television appearances memorable. As Mars continues to evolve as an artist, one can only anticipate more such surprising and delightful appearances across various media platforms.

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