Harrowing video shows Michael Jackson’s last ever rehearsal hours before he died

Harrowing video shows Michael Jackson’s last ever rehearsal hours before he died

Featured Image Credit: Michael Jackson’s This Is It
Fans have been left heartbroken after the last video featuring Michael Jackson alive went viral on social media.

Widely known as the King of Pop, Jackson had a career spanning over four decades, starting with the Jackson 5 when he was only six years old.

After subsequently leaving the sibling band in 1984, Jackson went solo with fresh music videos and songs with serious social and political lyrics.

Songs such as ‘Beat It’, ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Thriller’ were artsy and contemporary in their portrayal of dance, amazing visuals and choreography while holding a deeper meaning through the words sang by the singer.

Though he held so much talent, Jackson soon became a controversial figure in the 80s due to his changing appearance which he had maintained was due to the vitiligo disorder, where skin loses its pigment.

In 90s, there were even more nefarious allegations made about the star, alleging that he had inappropriate relations with children who stayed at his home, dubbed ‘Neverland’.

These were ultimately dispelled by the FBI who found no evidence to support the claims but by this time, the damage to his reputation and career has already been done.

The video was shared to TikTok. Credit: TikTok / @thr1llern1ght / Michael Jackson's This Is It

The video was shared to TikTok. Credit: TikTok / @thr1llern1ght / Michael Jackson’s This Is It

For the remainder of his years, the pop sensation was often pictured wearing masks or facial coverings to protect his identity from mobs of paparazzi up until 2009 where he decided to make a comeback with his tour, titled: This Is It.

The buzz surrounding the tour was immense as fans had been long awaiting more music from the pop legend.

After all, there was a reason he boasted 15 Grammy Awards, six Brit Awards, a Golden Globe, and 39 Guinness World Records during his career.

Jackson was even inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, among so many other achievements.

Though, footage of the singer just 12 hours before his sudden death has resurfaced.

On the morning of the 25 June, 2009, Jackson was found unresponsive due to an overdose of the drug propofol administered by his personal physician at the time.

With so many questions surrounding the pop star’s death, the physician was ultimately convicted of causing his death in 2011 after a lengthy trial.

TikTok user @thr1llern1ght reposted the final video of Jackson when he was alive – filmed on the 24 June, 2009 – showing him rehearsing for his tour for what would be the very last time.

Old and new fans alike came together to appreciate the talent that was soon to be taken.

One user commented: “In a way, it was ceremonious for this to be his last performance considering the messaging and his untimely death.”

Others wondered what he would be like in 2023, writing: “This year he would be 66 R.I.P The King Of Pop”.

While another said: “He was an addict. He had horrible experiences in life. He lost control, so sad. He is the King of pop! Bless you Michael.”

It’s clear to see the impact Michael Jackson has left long after his passing.

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