How Lisa Marie Presley’s Feelings Toward Michael Jackson Evolved After He Died

Lisa Marie Presley had a change of heart regarding her former husband Michael Jackson after his death.

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson
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When Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson in 1994, the world was shocked. Many people wondered how the two could have a genuine relationship. The truth was, these were two people who both grew up with fame. Their lives and experiences were unique in ways most people could never understand.

Their marriage ended in 1996, with Presley saying that she felt manipulated and used by Jackson. However, she gained a new understanding for Jackson in the wake of his death. What Presley saw as manipulation was put into perspective, and she was able to view the relationship through a different lens.

How Lisa Marie Presley And Michael Jackson First Became Close

Jackson and Presley first met when a seven-year-old Presley went to Las Vegas to see the Jackson 5 perform in concert. Jackson was 17 at the time and spoke highly of his memories of her as a child.

Before Presley started her own music career, she was writing songs and recording demos. She got the attention of Jackson, who just began his own label, MJJ Music. Jackson also privately had a crush on Presley, who said he was heartbroken when he learned of her first marriage to Danny Keough.



Presley met Jackson in 1992 through a mutual friend and later spoke of her first impression of him. She said that Jackson went out of his way to dispel any false rumors that were going around about him. She said that he wanted her to see who he really was, which Presley said was nothing like how Jackson presented himself to his public.

After a while, Jackson and Presley began speaking on the phone regularly. In 1993, Jackson was at the center of child abuse allegations. He regularly phoned Presley, who was very supportive of him during the ordeal. It was at this time that Jackson would cancel his tour in order to enter rehab to treat his addiction to painkillers.

Lisa Marie Presley Marries Michael Jackson And Later Files For Divorce

After developing a close friendship, Presley and Jackson began dating. In later interviews, Presley would say that she broke up her family for Jackson. When Jackson asked Presley to marry him, she happily accepted. In 1994, the two were married in the Dominican Republic.

The story became worldwide news. Many believed the marriage was a sham and a mere publicity stunt. The public believed Jackson was trying to repair his public image following the allegations. However, both Jackson and Presley have always maintained their marriage was real.

In 1995, Jackson released his album “HIStory: Past, Present, and Future, Book 1.” The release included a flurry of promotion, including an interview with Presley for ABC’s Primetime with Diane Sawyer. During the interview, Sawyer grilled Jackson about the allegations and questioned the couple regarding their relationship.



However, things weren’t going well for the couple. According to Presley, Jackson wanted children and told her his friend Debbie Rowe said she would have his children instead. Presley claimed this made her feel “disposable” and it would cause arguments between them. Jackson was also uncomfortable with Presley’s friendship with her ex-husband, who was still part of her life.

After Jackson was hospitalized following a collapse during rehearsal, Presley suspected he was back on drugs. Presley later said that she filed for divorce to put her foot down. She said that Jackson was going to have to choose between those who would enable his addiction and her.

Presley Gains New Understanding Of Jackson After His Passing

Following their divorce, Presley continued seeing Jackson for several years. However, she said that she eventually needed to remove herself from his life completely and move on. Presley said that her health suffered tremendously during this period.

When Presley began promoting her debut album in 2003, she maintained that she never saw anything inappropriate between Jackson and children. However, when speaking about their marriage, Presley would sometimes allude to a belief that Jackson had used her. This seemed to confirm public suspicion back in the mid-90s.

However, after Jackson passed, Presley gave an interview with Oprah Winfrey where she spoke about her newfound understanding of Jackson. Presley explained that since Jackson was raised to get ahead in his career from the time he was a child, he didn’t know how to approach situations any other way.

She claimed that Jackson’s ways felt manipulative, but it wasn’t deliberate. It was, she said, because “he didn’t know any better.” She said that during their relationship, she took it personally and believed it meant he didn’t love her.

When Winfrey asked Presley if it took Jackson dying for her to realize he loved her, she said, “I think so sadly.”

Presley also said that she didn’t appreciate how much effort Jackson put into keeping their relationship together. She also said that the anniversary of Jackson’s death will always be a hard day for her, just like the anniversary of her father’s passing.

Given Presley’s recent death at the age of 54, one can only hope she has been reunited with her father and former husband at last.

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