Is Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch haunted? People have suspected his ghost still roams his huge home

Is Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Haunted?

Since Michael Jackson passed away  in 2009, people have suspected his ghost still roams his huge home, Neverland Ranch.

For over ten years now, Michael Jackson’s infamous Neverland Ranch has been left to sit and decay.

The ranch has recently been the centerpiece in the documentary Leaving Neverland, but it’s where Jackson raised his children and welcomed other children from all over to come and have fun.

Inside crumbling celeb mansions from Jacko's Neverland to Mike Tyson's  former home with tiger cages and basketball court – The US Sun | The US Sun

Since his death in 2009, the fate of Jackson’s estate has been up in the air as his mother, Katherine, inherited about 40% of the estate as did Jackson’s three children.

Neverland is still abandoned, however, but that might not be because of the estate disputes within his family, in fact, Jackson’s net worth is still climbing posthumously.

Several of the ranch’s staff members have revealed that as the place falls apart it has essentially become a creepy haunted house, with the ghost of Jackson himself, still roaming the halls.

There Have Been Sitings Of Jackson Around The Ranch

In 2015, the 2,700-acre ranch was on the market for $100 million, but two years later it was back on the market for an even lower $67 million. Jackson bought it for anywhere between $17 and $30 million in 1988.

But back in 2015, the property was already tainted by the fact that no one would buy it because the staff, and even neighbors, think it’s haunted.

One of the staff, Marie Andre, has reportedly revealed that other staff members have actually seen Jackson’s ghost walking around the complex.

“Michael is there, his presence, his moves and his breath.

Supernatural Monitor: Michael Jackson's ghost sighted in Neverland ranch?

Many of the workers around the property have seen him, and they talk about him living there. It does spook many of them out,” Andre said.

A source from a Californian estate agency has also agreed that the rumors that the property is haunted have deterred buyers from wanting to purchase it, and have said, “Local people say that Jackson’s spirit has been haunting his estate and favorite hangouts since he passed away.

“Investors and visitors considered buying the property are warned that workers on the ranch have claimed the King of Pop haunts the premises.”

The internet hasn’t helped the situation. There are tons of videos on YouTube of ghost hunters trying to find Jackson’s ghost at Neverland. There’s even a popular hoaky video posing as a real live television clip that accidentally catches his ghost with a jump scare at the end.

Meanwhile, four photographers broke into the estate in 2014, to take photos of the supposed haunted grounds, but they didn’t come across anything.

“I didn’t find anything that creepy about the whole thing,” one of the photographers said.

Michael Jackson's ghost spooks Neverland ranch viewers considering buying  late star's mansion - Mirror Online

“I really found it odd and different, but I wasn’t scared at any moment. Mostly we felt like we shouldn’t be invading the privacy of someone else.”

Whether the mansion is actually haunted remains to be seen but the rumors and stories have definitely been a factor in the depreciated value of the property.

In the site’s heyday, the upkeep for the place, including its amusement park that has since been torn down, was estimated to cost $5 million alone.

Now the Disney-esque entrance has been demolished and in February, it was once again pulled off the market, after continuous disinterest for the past five years, even though it has had renovations and a name change.

The now Sycamore Valley Ranch is now asking for $31 million, $70 million less than the original asking price in 2015.

But the ghost stories and the memory of what was allegedly done there have all contributed to the fact that no one clearly wants it.

It’s safe to say that Neverland won’t be anything like Graceland and continue a legacy.

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