King of Pop’s Secret Lover? ‘I Was Michael Jackson’s Boyfriend’

Jason Pfeiffer, a former dermatologist’s assistant and current CEO of a medical company, is going public in an explosive new interview, claiming he was Michael Jackson’s boyfriend right up until the King of Pop passed away.

Pfeiffer tells “Extra” in a new interview airing Thursday, April 29, that he had a very “passionate” relationship with the King of Pop. He also plays a voicemail message which he claims Michael Jackson left for him.

The interview was conducted by special correspondent Alicia Jacobs.

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“We definitely hit it off the first time we met,” Pfeiffer says, claiming he and Jackson met in 2008 at the office of Jackson’s famed dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, a longtime friend of Jackson’s and rumored to be the biological father of the singer’s two older children, Prince and Paris.

Dr. Klein tells “Extra” he personally witnessed Jackson and Pfeiffer together when he once walked in on them, Jackson allegedly shirtless.

“When you see two people looking at each other you know what’s happening. I was just very happy for both of them.”

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Pfeiffer says he and Jackson instantly connected because of their childhoods.

Pfeiffer was smitten.

He tells “Extra,” “We were just sitting there and we both started to cry and I got up and went over to him and said it’s going to be okay Michael… We hugged.

And it was kind of then that the hug was a little bit more.”

He goes on to say, “It wasn’t until a few months later that it was obvious that Michael had feelings for me as well.” Their friendship soon blossomed into something more, according to Pfeiffer.

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Jackson emphatically denied throughout his life that he was gay.

“I just assumed that he was probably bisexual,” Pfeiffer says, claiming their relationship lasted until the day Jackson passed away.

“I know we loved each other, I know he told me that all the time.

I believe that he was probably my soulmate.”

So why come forward now?

“Setting the record straight and telling the truth, as opposed to hiding in some house in the middle of nowhere…

I think he would have approved of that, yes.”

Tune in to “Extra” for more of Jason Pfeiffer’s interview.

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