Liv Morgan dunks former WWE Universal Champion’s head in water

Liv Morgan is a former SmackDown Women

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan recently dunked a former Universal Champion’s head in the water ahead of the Elimination Chamber: Perth Premium Live Event. The name in question is Kevin Owens.

The upcoming premium live event in Perth, Australia, will feature some of the biggest names on the Stamford-based promotion’s roster. The Men’s and Women’s Elimination Chamber Matches are all stacked, with Owens and Morgan being a part of their respective bouts. The winner of the 2024 Men’s Elimination Chamber Match will get a chance to face Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XL. Meanwhile, the winner of the 2024 Women’s Elimination Chamber Match will face Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship at The Show of Shows.

During the Elimination Chamber Press Event, WWE showcased a video of superstars having fun in the Land Down Under. In the clip, Liv Morgan can be seen hilariously dunking Kevin Owens in the water and laughing hysterically.

You can check out a tweet showcasing the same below:

Whether Morgan emerges victorious in the 2024 Women’s Elimination Chamber Match remains to be seen.

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan claimed she has the best chance at winning the 2024 Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

During a recent digital exclusive interview, Liv Morgan said that she had the most experience out of any of her opponents for the 2024 Women’s Elimination Chamber Match. She also mentioned that she felt good about her odds of winning the bout inside the steel structure.

“I like to call Elimination Chamber, eLIVination Chamber. I think, quite frankly, I have the most experience out of any other female in WWE. So I feel, really really really really really really really, good about my odds. Liv Morgan Revenge Tour. On to the next one. Watch Me.”

Many fans believe Liv will win the 2024 Women’s Elimination Chamber Match and will dethrone Rhea Ripley as the Women’s World Champion at WrestleMania XL. What the Stamford-based promotion has planned for Morgan’s future remains to be seen.

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