Mandy Rose addresses whether she’ll re-sign with WWE or join AEW

WWE released Mandy Rose in 2022 [Image via WWE gallery]

WWE released Mandy Rose in 2022 [Image via WWE gallery]

Mandy Rose recently addressed her future in pro wrestling, discussing which promotion she may join following her potential comeback.

Rose became a part of WWE through Tough Enough in 2015. She worked for the global juggernaut for nearly seven years before being released in December 2022. Since then, fans have wondered what the future holds for The Golden Goddess as a pro wrestler.

In a recent interview with Monopoly Events, Mandy Rose commented on the possibility of returning to the squared circle. The former NXT Women’s Champion vaguely hinted that she might return to WWE to deal with some unfinished business.

“I would do it for the aspect of there was some unfinished business, and we really cut it, and Toxic Attraction was so amazing, and as much as some things didn’t pan out the way I wanted I do feel a little bit. I do feel bad, a little bit, and a little guilty in the sense of like we had something going on so amazing and I kind of feel for the girls in the group because they don’t hold it against me or anything. But, you know it’s just one of those things where maybe there is something in the future. So I’ll never say never. I don’t think the door is fully shut. The boots aren’t totally hung up, so you’ll just have to wait and see.” [8:34 – 9:13]

Mandy Rose says she misses the fans more than pro wrestling

During the same interview, Mandy Rose opened up about not missing wrestling so much as she was happy with her success outside the ring. However, she admitted that she missed her wrestling fans very much.

“I will say there was a part of me when I was sitting in the ring, doing Q&A, and all the fans were there. I do miss it, I will say. I said, in an interview, not too long ago, that I didn’t really have the itch. I don’t know if I have the itch to go back and wrestle full-time right now. However, I do miss the fans. I miss the camaraderie. I miss the adrenaline rush. I’m doing a lot of amazing things and I am so grateful for where I am at in my life. But do I have that adrenaline rush? Not really. I think that might be missing. I would do it for the fans.” [8:00 – 8:33]Rose was reportedly released from her WWE content because she was posting explicit content via her online subscription-based service. She lost the NXT Women’s Title to Roxanne Perez before her exit.

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