Marlon Brando ‘could be Prince Jackson’s biological father’

Michael Jackson’s best friend Mark Lester reveals the late actor was a sperm donor for the King of Pop just like Dr Arnold Klein

PRINCE Jackson’s paternity has fallen under debate once again following a shocking claim about the teenager’s biological dad.

Michael Jackson’s eldest child has always had his paternity speculated over, more recently with a fan slamming him on Twitter for “pretending to be a Jackson”.

Marlon Brando could be Prince Jackson’s biological father according to reports (Image: Getty)

But now Michael’s long-time friend, Oliver Twist actor, Mark Lester, has claimed that US actor Marlon Brando might be Prince’s real dad.

According to The Sun, Mark revealed that Marlon was persuaded by the King of Pop to donate sperm to him, which he did.

He said: “Michael asked all of his closest friends, Uri to Corey and Marlon to Macaulay. Macaulay was younger at the time but it was never dismissed as a possibility.”

Adding that Marlon stayed at Micheal’s famous Neverland ranch shortly before his death in 2004, Mark added: I went round to say hello to Brando. He was sat with his eyes closed with Michael and as I got in close he suddenly opened his eyes.

The late US actor is said to have been a sperm donor for Michael Jackson, according to Michael’s pal Mark Lester (Image: Getty)

“It scared the life out of me. He looked remarkably like Prince does now.”

The actor, who also donated sperm to his best friend, said that he believed that he himself was the biological father of Prince’s sister Paris.

He told the newspaper that when she turned 18, he would happy to take a DNA test “if she wants me to”.

Despite hinting Brando could be Prince’s father, Mark said that it was most likely that Arnold Klein was his real dad.

Mark revealed Marlon could be Prince’s father, but it was most likely that Dr Arnold Klein was his real dad (Image: Flynet)

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