Mercedes Mone, aka Sasha Banks, reacting to major announcement draws 3-word reaction from WWE Hall of Famer

Sasha Banks is a WWE Grand Slam Champion [Image credits: star

A WWE Hall of Famer recently took to social media to react to Sasha Banks’ post after a major AEW announcement by Tony Khan. The Hall of Famer in question is Mark Henry.

Several rumors ahead of the 2024 Royal Rumble Premium Live Event suggested that Banks might return to World Wrestling Entertainment during the 30-women competition. However, that did not happen, and she was heavily linked about signing with All Elite Wrestling.

AEW President Tony Khan recently announced a special Dynamite show in Boston. The graphic of the event had a major easter egg regarding the arrival of Sasha Banks.

After the show ended, Banks took to Twitter to post lyrics from her WWE theme song, Sky’s The Limit. The post caught Mark Henry’s attention and he reacted with a three-word message.

“God is good (thumbs up emoji),” Henry tweeted.

Check out Mark Henry’s tweet below:

Jim Cornette believes former WWE star Sasha Banks’ best days are behind her

On a recent edition of Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru podcast, the veteran journalist said that he believes Sasha Banks’ best days are behind her and she would not have a big impact in Tony Khan’s AEW, just like Paige.

“As far as continued long-term being one of the biggest stars in the wrestling business, for her, that day is over. ‘Cause now, the longer she is out of the WWE, and you know the more she is in this, you can’t deny that more people thought that Paige was a big deal before Paige came back and showed she was not a big deal on this program. So that’s what’s gonna happen here. Mercedes Mone is gonna come in, however long it’s gonna take. She is not gonna be a big deal, and you know that will be the end of that,” Cornette said.

Many fans wanted to see Sasha Banks return to the Stamford-based promotion alongside Naomi. However, it seems like she might have signed a deal with All Elite Wrestling. It remains to be seen if she will ever return to WWE.

What do you think about Banks possibly signing with AEW? Let us know in the comments section below.

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