Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor: “A love like a brother and sister”

Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor: “A love like a brother and sister”

Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor They shared their last decades of life. They laughed like children, they watched Disney movies together, they had dinner, they talked, they gave each other expensive gifts. She gave him an Asian elephant. He organized and covered the expenses of her eighth wedding… at his famous Neverland ranch.

They had a lot in common. Their childhoods had been very similar. Theirs went beyond friendship. Theirs was love: “Michael and I love each other, like a brother and sister.” On February 16, 1997, Jackson gave Taylor the most special birthday gift. He created for her what he knew how to do best, a song in which he declared his love for her: ‘Elizabeth I Love You’.

It happened in Los Angeles. In the mid 80s. Elizabeth Taylor had attended a Michael Jackson concert. Previously, he had sent the actress a dozen VIP tickets. But When Liz arrived, she got angry.. Was very far from the stage. I couldn’t hear or see the show properly..

Bothers, left the premises. Throughout his performance, Michael was thinking, “Oh my God. “Elizabeth Taylor is here, watching me.”. When they told her what had happened, she felt terrible. He called her the next day, cryingand she explained what happened. From that moment on, they became friends. They telephoned frequently. Three months later, He proposed meeting for tea. He would go with his inseparable Bubbles (his chimpanzee). She do not cares. He also adored animals.

Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor leaving a party in 1986 / Michael Ochs Archives

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