Michael Jackson’s daughter: I date more women than men

In a recent documentary, Paris Jackson – daughter of “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, freely revealed her sexuality. She said her late father was very open with her problems.

In the episode broadcast on June 30 (US time) of the documentary series Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn on Facebook Watch, Paris Jackson surprised everyone by sharing openly about her gender story and love life. Miss. Even though she is in a passionate love affair with her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn, the daughter of the “King of Pop” frankly admitted that she never thought she would end up with a guy: “I thought I will marry a girl.” The female star born in 1998 did not hesitate to confess: “I have dated more women than men.”

The 22-year-old model continued to share: “The public only knows about my three long-term relationships and all three were with men. But people don’t know about most of my relationships.” Paris Jackson also made it clear that she would not consider herself bisexual (like a vague statement the beauty previously made). “I have even dated people who crossed the line between male and female,”  Michael Jackson ‘s daughter explained. The beauty said she doesn’t pay too much attention to the other person’s gender, but only cares about what kind of person they are.

Paris Jackson is dating Gabriel Glenn, both are members of the group The Soundflowers. The star couple is actively promoting the group’s musical activities


For Paris Jackson, understanding her true gender is a challenging journey. “I didn’t know that (gay, straight) existed so I felt conflicted when I thought about it because all I saw on TV were men and women dating each other. . These thoughts are becoming more and more confusing to me,” the 9X female singer expressed. However, lucky for her, Michael Jackson is a sensible father. “My dad quickly sensed what I was thinking and realized something was unusual. He often teased me the same way he often did with my brothers, such as: Oh, my daughter already has a girlfriend,” the 22-year-old beauty recounted. Paris said she was only 8 or 9 years old at that time and being treated by her famous father in such an open, psychological way was a valuable experience that not all special children have.

The pop legend’s daughter also recalled the time she moved in with her grandmother Katherine Jackson when her father passed away in 2009. “In general, homosexuality is still something taboo in the black community.” black. They are more than just religious aspects. It was something that I felt like I should keep a secret at that time,” Paris Jackson added. She also shared that the first time she confessed her true gender to a family member, this person couldn’t believe it was true. Later, the 9X model was fully supported by her older brother Prince Jackson.

After many incidents, Michael Jackson’s daughter freely shared about her personal life and efforts to pursue a musical path like her legendary father.


Besides, Paris Jackson also had kind words for her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn. She said the male singer was the one who made her feel at home after a long time searching. “The only person I feel like home to is my father, and now I have Gabriel, so I feel very lucky,” the young star added.

Paris Jackson was born in 1998, she is the second child and only daughter of legendary singer Michael Jackson. Being sought after by the media since she was a child thanks to her famous father’s reputation, the 22-year-old female star experienced a very uneventful childhood when her father passed away early. She had times of rebellion, depression, and even depression. tried to commit suicide many times. The 9X beauty also had a shocking time with her quick homosexual love affair with British model Cara Delevingne . Before deciding to get serious with music alongside her current boyfriend, she was known as a model and actress but never really left a special mark.

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