Michael Jackson’s daughter’s stalker was arrested

A 37-year-old man named Ruben Palenco was arrested and taken to the county jail for temporary detention until now after stalking, stalking and trying to break into the house of female singer, model, and actress Paris Jackon. – daughter of Michael Jackson.

Paris Jackon, 25 years old, daughter of “King of Pop” Michael Jackson and his ex-wife Debbie Rowe. After growing up and following her parents’ footsteps, she worked actively in the art field and wanted to become a versatile artist. Paris Jackon tried her hand at being a model, singer, and movie star.

Michael Jackson's daughter's stalker was arrested - Photo 1.

Paris Jackson – Michael Jackson ‘s daughter is currently a versatile artist

According to TMZ, the police were called to Paris Jackson’s house in early September after Ruben Palenco broke into her house in Los Angeles – USA. He was arrested and sent to the detention center since then. The bail amount for this suspect is 20,000 USD.

Ruben Palenco faces four charges including stalking and stalking. Authorities are still looking into this person’s illegal actions. According to reports, Ruben Palenco was seen snooping around Paris Jackson’s house twice in August before being arrested in September.

Paris Jackson is currently in France to attend Paris Fashion Week. She participated in events, rubbing shoulders with stars: Florence Pugh, Shay Mitchell, Emma Chamberlain, Kris Jenner and many other stars.

According to the next schedule, she will perform on October 6.

Michael Jackson's daughter's stalker was arrested - Photo 3.

She is busy with fashion events in the city that shares her name

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