Michael Jackson’s father does not know where his son’s body is

Invited as a special guest on Larry King’s talk show on CNN, on July 20, Mr. Joe Jackson – biological father of the “King of Pop” revealed that he did not know the body. Where is my son now, since the memorial service, on July 7?

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Mr. Joe denied information about abusing Michael Jackson when he was a child.

On CNN ‘s talk show , Mr. Joe Jackson denied information that he ever beat his son Michael Jackson when he was young and living with his parents. The father of 9 children believes that he has not made any mistakes in raising his children or guiding them to develop their singing career since they were young.

“I have never hit my children. I raise my children like you raise yours, Larry. Why would I hit Michael? I have no reason to do that. Michael is my son. I loved it and still love it now. Michael was raised right. He doesn’t live too freely and indulgently like most kids his age living around our house,” the father of the “King of Pop” confided.

According to information from some newspapers, Mr. Joe and his wife – Ms. Katherine Jackson have been living separately for 8 years, but in an interview with CNN television channel , Mr. Joe affirmed that the relationship between him and his wife is still intact. good. Mr. Joe currently lives mainly in Las Vegas while his wife lives with their children in a house located in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

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Mr. Joe Jackson (far left) was beaten by Michael Jackson

excluded from his will, made in 2002.

This 79-year-old father did not appear surprised or hurt when his talented but ill-fated son – Michael Jackson excluded him from the will he made in 2002. is Michael Jackson’s latest, the King of Pop announced that his entire assets will be put into a special fund, his mother – Katherine, his three young children and a number of charities are the beneficiaries and users of this fund.

While talking to Larry King, Mr. Joe repeated over and over that his son had been murdered. Michael Jackson’s father revealed that he was forbidden to approach his son while he was practicing to prepare for the tour scheduled to take place in London (UK), in July 2009. This father also said that since Michael Jackson’s memorial service held at Staples Center, Los Angeles, on July 7, he has never seen his son’s body. “You should ask someone who knows this well. I don’t know where Michael Jackson is right now,” Mr. Joe said on the program.

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According to Mr. Joe Jackson, he did not know about his body

Where is Michael Jackson now, since the memorial service on July 7.

When Larry King asked about the results of Michael Jackson’s second autopsy, the King of Pop’s father replied: “They haven’t shown me the results yet.” Some sources said that Mr. Joe has not had contact or participated in any activities with the Jackson family since several weeks, after his son suddenly died on June 25.

Not long ago, when answering ABC television , Mr. Joe Jackson revealed his desire to take Michael Jackson’s three children to participate in entertainment activities. Mr. Joe noticed the singing talent of his niece Paris (11 years old) and the “good” dancing ability of his 7-year-old nephew Blanket. There is information that Mr. Joe wants his three grandchildren to participate in a world tour with the family group Jackson 3.

However, this man appeared quite cautious when asked about the plan for Michael Jackson’s three children to sing backup vocals on the Jackson 3 group’s tour taking place next year. “Perhaps, they should live according to their age. At this point, they are still children. I cannot force them to participate in entertainment activities right now. I can’t, Larry,” said Joe Jackson.

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Michael Jackson took pictures with his children and relatives when he was alive.

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